Race Series/Rules

Space Coast Runner's Runner of the Year Series consists of events where SCR club members earn points in two categories: performance and age grading. Members also receive participation credit. The points are tracked, compiled and posted after each ROY event and awards are given out at Celebration Night in June. 

2019 - 2020 


  • Run the Tide 5K: Score ROY points for 5K only
  • Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon: Score ROY points for Marathon or North side Half Marathon. To score series points in the Half Marathon, runner must be age 15+ and in the Marathon, age 19+. Receive Ran All Races Participation for South side Half Marathon. 
  • Fly Fish 5K: Score ROY points for 5K only
  • Eye of the Dragon 10K & Tail of the Lizard 2 Mile: Members 14 years or younger score points in the 2 Mile. 75 years or older may choose to run the 10K or the 2 Mile distance to score ROY series points.
  • Space Coast Classic 15K & 2 Mile: Members 14 years or younger score points in the 2 Mile. 75 years or older may choose to run the 15K or the 2 Mile distance to score ROY series points. Receive Ran All Races Participation for 3 x 5K Relay.

Regardless of finishing position, each participant will receive ROY points just for finishing. The better the finishing position, the more points are awarded. At the end of the series, the runner with the highest points total (overall and age groups) wins the competition and is considered the club’s Runner of the Year.


The purpose of the series is to determine the "best" runners during the past year by his or her performance at selected races.

  • The races are selected so as not to favor runners who excel at only one distance or for only a few months.
  • The rules are designed to encourage participation in these events yet allow for recovery between races.
  • Additionally, the Space Coast Runners believe that the series helps to encourage race directors to put on quality races and promotes the running of these races, both of which benefit members and other runners.


  • Runners must be a member of Space Coast Runners.
  • Any runner who is eligible for the first series race is eligible for the entire series.
  • For the race season, runners have through the date of the first series race to become a member and be eligible for points for the entire season. Active members will be eligible for points in series races. Members who let their membership lapse during the season will not be eligible for points scored during the lapsed period.
  • To be eligible for both, open and age group championships, series runners must finish at least 7 series races for the adults and 6 series races for the age groups, 0-9 and 10-14.
  • To be eligible to receive any points runners must follow race instructions such as, but not limited to, no head sets and/or no baby joggers


  • The age division a runner will compete in for the entire series is based on the runner's age at the time of the first series race (even if this is not the runner's first series race). Runners will receive points based on their finish in that age group for the remainder of the series. For the 2019 - 2020 season this will be the runner's age as of June 8, 2019.
  • Age groups will be 0-9 years, then 5-year increments up to 79 and then 80 and over.
  • Runners in the following age groups will be eligible for awards in all races but will receive points only in the distances indicated: 0-9 and 10-14, 5K or less. 15-19 all except Marathon.
  • Race age qualifications will follow the RRCA guidelines for youth running. To learn more about these guidelines, click here.
  • In addition to the series 5Ks, the Space Coast Classic and Tail of the Lizard offer 2-mile series races for the 0-9 and 10-14 age groups and 75+. For those 14 & under, points will be awarded for age group only and will not be awarded for overall points.
  • The 75+ age group can run the SCC and EOD 2 mile races for ROY points. The 75+ runner can run either race for points and will get ROY points allocated by finish time in the chosen race. 


Open Division: All members will be awarded points in the overall.  Awarded points are 1000, 990, 980, 970, … down to 10 points in the open competition.

Age Group: The first 10 members within each age group will receive 11, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 point in their age group competition. All other members who finish will receive 1 point in their age group competition.

There are no double points for any races this season.


After each series race, points are computed based on the runners' order of finish within the open or age groups. At the end of the series, only the points for each runner's highest scoring races of the total races minus the drop race (1) will be totaled. If you participate in all 13 races, your lowest score will be dropped. 

  • Scoring is done separately for both the open and the age groups.
  • Age group points are not included in open point totals, nor are open points included in the age group totals.
  • Only SCR members will count in the finish order for these standings.
  • The runner with the highest overall points at the end of the series is the winner.
  • Until the results are tabulated after the final race results web page will state that "Scores shown are not final until after the last race of the season".


  • Awards will be announced at the club’s annual Celebration Night in June.
  • The open division winner will be presented an award and will receive a $200 check.
  • The second and third place finishers will also be presented an award.

After the first three places are decided, awards based on the open division points will be presented to the top:

  • Master (age 40+)
  • Grand Master (age 50+)
  • Senior Grandmaster (age 60+)

First, the Master award will be given to the runner with the highest number of points who is 40 or older, then the Grand Master will be given to the runner with the highest number of points who is 50 or older, and finally the Senior Grandmaster will be given to the runner with the highest number of points who is 60 or older.


Are given to the top 3 runners in each age group.

  • The open and master winners will be considered an eligible runner for his or her age group, but will be removed from the age group awards, and all runners who follow in those age groups will be moved up 1 place in the standings.


Additional awards will be presented to each person who finishes every race in the series.

*Any awards not distributed within six months will be forfeited. The awards may then be used for other SCR events.


Scoring will be kept for age graded standings.

  • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner will be presented an award.  
  • Age graded is the ratio of the time compared to the world record time in that gender/age group.


There will be only one runner assigned to each place, in each division, in the final standings. In the case of a tie, the following tie breakers will be used:

  • The runner who has the most head to head victories in competition against all tied competitors will be awarded the prize associated with that place.
  • If there is still a tie for this place, then the runner who won the last head to head meeting of all tied competitors will be awarded the prize associated with that place. The other runner(s) will be assigned the next lower place. These tie breakers apply to both overall and age groups and for as deep as necessary. All runners with lower scores than the tied runners will be moved down in place by a count equal to the number of "displaced" tied runners.
  • If more than two runners tie for a place (for example 3 tie for first place), only the races where all (three) runners competed will be used in determining the head to head victories. Total head to head and last head to head will be determined for the next place (second place) between the remaining (two) runners without the previously removed (first place) runner being a factor (just those races where both the "second" and "third" place runner competed).
  • If there is a tie between the last place age group finisher and the next eligible runner, then both runners will get an award.


All disputes will go to the SCR Racing Committee first. If an agreeable decision can not be reached, then the dispute will be decided by the SCR Board of Directors. All races are subject to final approval by the Board of Directors prior to the race season.


All of the above items apply equally to both men and women.


Series races have been updated to the new schedule. Drop races changed to one. Disputes updated to first go to committee for resolution.


Run the Tide 5K June 8, 2019
Running on Island Time 5K August 24, 2019
Turtle Krawl 5K September 14, 2019
Rainbow Run 5K September 27, 2019
Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon December 1, 2019
Reindeer Run 5K December 14, 2019
Fly Fish 5K January 18, 2020
Tooth Trot 5K January 25, 2020
Eye of the Dragon 10K & Tail of the Lizard 2 Mile  February 16, 2020
Moore Heritage Freedom 5K March 7, 2020
Downtown Melbourne 5K March 21, 2020
Space Coast Classic 15K & 2 Mile April 19, 2020
Eat My Crust 5K May 3, 2020

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