What's New

Recent additions/updates:


May Updates

  • Added many state meet photos and miscellaneous photos


April Updates

  • Added Mojo Triathlon discount code
  • Added a few more events to the event calendar: Free super sprint and brick information.  Both pages include maps and descriptions of each event.
  • High Level calendar updated


Feb-March Updates

  • Updated events and yearly calendar

January Updates

  • Photo section enhanced and added photos of our Awards Dinner
  • Moved weekly workout to member area
  • Simplified menu titles for readability
  • Added Club Video for viewing (In member area)
  • Added more race discounts
  • Added FAQs for potential members
  • Rearranged front page and added different photos
  • Kicked off the nutrition and weight training sections


Dec 5th - Updates since Nov 17th

  • Added a sample weight training tip
  • Added weight training tips and nutrition areas for further development
  • Invited all 2018 FAST members, not have signed into the account so the member only sections cannot be seen by them (no cost to be a 2018 member within this website)
  • Added library of books, tapes, DVD, equipment such as bike case rentals or computrainers.  It also has how to check them out
  • Added sign up for a Zwift demo/test
  • Added a forum for members to post those items that they wish to sell; also check it out if you wish to buy!
  • Merchandise pull down under member only section
  • Updated weekly workout
  • Rolled out a section for a survey for member of the year (test feature); you find the survey under your own profile
  • Increased the number and types of groups within the site so you can tailor the news YOU wish to see, or not see
  • Expanded calendar usage/info



Updates through Nov 17th  (Many of them from member suggestions)

  • Added 3 sections as a placeholder for future member info; nutriition information, weight training info, club library section
  • Cleaned up the sample swim workout for better understanding.  However, please remember it is still a test/example at this time
  • Update the next club social information
  • Change the time that the club news box roles through the posted items by slowing it down



These are some of the features of this website: 

  • New Forum section and only for members
  • Lower cost to sign up; FAST has absorded these costs as it can save in the overall cost of the website
  • Membership only sections
  • Membership Forum for member chat
  • Ability to know who you are and provide FAST membership discounts when signing up for FAST sponsored events; eliminates coupon codes to members which can be hacked/given out to non-members
  • Ability to print your own membership card with integrated information about our Partner discounts
  • Annual renewal process  
  • Integrated News sections with member ability to allow member to change areas of interest on their own

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