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Indoor Biking typically starts in December for each winter season.
Join FAST through multiple avenues for indoor training.  FAST organizes 3 or more weekly indoor group rides.  Members are encourage to join through the internet to bike virtually with other members.  You can rent a computrainer from FAST as a member ($5/week), and use Zwift on a computer from your home, or you can use your own trainer with the proper connects via ANT+ stick to your computer, or even rent time/space at the Gutowski's house to ride with them.
Typical Fall/Winter Indoor cycling season…..We have rides every Sunday, Monday, and then every other Wednesday and Thursday.  As of January 31st the team is surveying those members who use Zwift to see if they will change the dates and times.  The nice thing about Zwift is that even if these times/days do not fit into your calendar you can join anytime and have plenty of rides to ride with.
In the summer we use routes marked by an F with a circle around it, for our weekend rides, and they all start from Northville.  Then the arrows in different colors indicate the direction to turn.  Note: The actual routes may change year to year based on traffic, potholes and fresh pavement!
Weekend FAST Routes

Cycling Routes that FAST uses and how are they marked:

Note - FAST Markings are "F" with a circle around the F.

Rides that leave from downtown Northville     (meeting place is linked here)


28 Miler - Red/Pink FAST arrows - Route using Map-My-Ride is here

51 Miler - Yellow FAST arrows- Route using Map-My-Ride is here


Not all of our cycling routes are posted on the public site.  Please go to member information/suggested workouts/biking for more routes used by FAST

Tuesday Cycling during the summer is combined with the Tuesday bricks on Hines.  Those rides typically start at 5:30 pm and have an optional run post the bike ride.  However, some of the members only ride that night.
Biking Workouts
No matter what your performance goals are just about everyone can benefit from shorter hard workouts. You don’t need to ride 2 hours every day to get faster but you do need to ride fast during training to be faster for racing. With that in mind here are a few workouts that should be added to your weekly riding that will make you a faster rider. Two to three shorter faster rides per week added to a longer ride will help everyone.

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