Run with FAST

Wednesday Evening Run Workouts

Typically our Wednesday Run workouts start in mid April and run through mid October, 5:30pm. We break our workout types into three blocks that run 8 weeks each

  1. Hill Repeats: (Mid Apr – Mid June) After a short warm up, we run 4-6 times up Five Mile Hill at a hard pace for 3-4 minutes with easy recovery jog on the way down. This workout targets VO2 max and muscle density as it relates to running. Meet up is Waterford Bend Rec Area on Northville Rd and Six Mile Rd


  1. Track Workouts (Mid June – Mid August) We continue VO2 max work with 8 weeks of track. We have four different workouts and rotate them every two weeks. Most workouts will consist of combinations of 200m, 400m, and 600m. We meet at Livonia Rec Center outdoor track.


  1. Timed Threshold Intervals (Mid August – Mid October) We wrap up our group runs with 8 weeks of timed intervals. After a warm up, run at your 10k race pace for a set amount of time followed by a timed easy recovery jog. Like the track workouts, we have four different workouts we rotate through twice. Meet up location is Nankin Mills Park on Hines Drive and Ann Arbor Trail



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