Beginner or Intermediate Tri Training Classes

FAST offers two different levels of Triathlon Training Classes

1. Beginner (Class 101)

2. Intermediate (Class 201)


Below are the requirements and who should take which course

Both class utilize both Zoom meetings and in person training
The in-person events are at Island Lake State Park - Spring Mill Pond
When: 6 pm to 8:30 pm early summer Monday nights



Training 101 – For Beginners


Purpose: Get you ready to do your first sprint triathlon

It is an 8 class program starting May 15th and going through July 17th with no classes on the week of Memorial
Day and 4th of July. It is geared to help an individual finish their first sprint triathlon or provide basic approaches
to improve your sprint triathlons. Monday Evenings 6 pm to 8:30 pm; first two meetings are in May and which will
be conducted via 1 hour Zoom meetings.

Cost: $50 for non-FAST Members and need USAT card or $25 for FAST Members
Multiple coaches with diverse backgrounds in swimming and triathlons

Start Date: Mid May


  • Able to swim 200 yards without stopping* or touching the bottom of a high school pool (8 lengths of a high school pool)
  • Personal bike which is comfortable for you to ride on. Able to transport it to Spring Mill Pond at Island Lake State Park
  • Comfortable running shoes
  • Personal flotation buoy for open water swims; if you do not have one, buoys will be available for purchase at a nominal price
  • Can do attitude
  • Ability to commit to 80% of the classes
  • Optional wetsuits but recommended as June swims tend to be cold in early June

The course will include items such as:

  • Wetsuit usage, best practices for put one on or taking it off during a race
  • Open water navigation, strategies, what to expect
  • Bike riding analysis and recommendations for improvement
  • Sprint triathlon nutrition
  • Workout strategies
  • Optional class - July 4th Bike maintenance; repair a flat
  • *-Subject to verification test

Registation is here


Training 201

Purpose – Intermediate level, for those triathletes wanting to better their triathlons or attempt a long course

It is a 5 session program geared to help an individual become a faster/stronger triathlete; sprints through a full
140.6 distance triathlon.

When: Monday Evenings - May sessions will be 1 hour long zoom, online, meetings at 8 pm

In-person classes are held at Island Lake State Park, Spring Mill Pond on Mondays -6:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Cost: $30 for non-FAST Members (need USAT card) or $15 for FAST Members

Optional bike maintenance training July 4th in the morning to address simple maintenance


  • Able to confidently complete a sprint triathlon
  • Road or Triathlon bike
  • Ability to swim 800 yards non-stop*
  • Personal flotation buoy for open water swims; if you do not have one, buoys will be available for purchase at a nominal price
  • Comfortable running shoes•Can do attitude•Ability to commit to 80% of the classes•Optional wetsuits recommended

The course will include items such as

  • Bike types, body positioning, general gearing
  • Good form running
  • Long course nutrition
  • Transitions with shoes attached to the pedals
  • Flying starts on bike
  • Bike maintenance; changing rear cassettes, adjusting brakes optional
  • *-Subject to verification test

Registration is here

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