Major Award Winners (last few years)


Swimmer of the Year

Monica Andrei and Noah Birmelin


Rookie Triathlete of the Year

Katie Zeiter and Pedro Fontoura


Triathlete of the Year

Colleen Hoffman and Mike Webster

35 Year Anniversary

Susan Gutowski





40 Year Member - Ken Gutowski

30 Year Member - Paul Wright

25 Year Member - Cecilia Brzys

25 Year Member - Erik Lokensgard

Photo comming soon...

Male Triathlete of the Year 2022

Kyle Otremba

Female Triathlete of the Year - 2022

Cecilia Brzys

Male Swimmer of the year - 2022

 Allen Magolan

Female Swimmer of the Year - 2022

Jenny Birmelin

Member of the Year - 2021

James Nitkiewicz

Swimmers of the Year - 2021

Sarah Bednarcik and Larry Marshall


Triathletes of the Year - 2021

Marie Pepin and Kris Warszawski


Rookie Triathletes of the Year 2021 

Reema Gustitus and Juri Plotnikow




Member of the Year - 2020

Sandy Eyl



Member of the year - 2019

Erin Harbar

Swimmers of the Year -2019

Sam Bishop and James Nitkiewicz



Triathletes of the Year -2019

Sandy Logan and Bill Courtney



Rookie Triathletes of the Year - 2019

Jamie Myers and Lucire Boyd


Member of the year - 2018

Gary Godula


Swimmers of the Year -2018

Sarah Bednarcik and Mark VanderMey



Triathletes of the Year -2018

Veronica Jackson and Ken Gutowski


Rookie Triathlete of the Year - 2018

Ajay Mudunuri

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