What are your major activities each year?

We typicall have the following:

  • Saturday swims (Schoolcraft in the fall and winter - indoor)
  • Saturday Open Water Swims in the summer at Island Lake State Park
  • Sunday Open Water Swims at Walnut Lake in the morning and Downriver in the afternoon
  • Social events all year round; rotating locations and venues
  • Indoor biking meet up events (either go to Northville for a few indoor trainers or join from your home using the internet)
  • Presentations from our partners
  • Weekend bike rides during the summer
  • Monday night beginner triathlon training at Island Lake State Park
  • Tuesday bike/run on Hines Drive
  • Wednesday organized run workouts and it varies based on the time of the year (hills, track, tempo,...)
  • club focused competitions: Swim Meets or Triathlons

Workouts with FAST

Does membership get me into all of the pools listed in the "where we train map" with no extra cost?

Unfortunately to keep the membership costs low we cannot offer free membership to all of the pools in the SE Michigan area where we train.  Each member is responsible to pick up the cost of the membership for any facility they are a member of.  We do have exceptions to this rule: 1) Schoolcraft Saturday swims during the fall and winter offer a nominal drop in fee (approx $5) as long as you have a USMS membership card for insurance.  2) Sometimes FAST rents pool time out at a few local pools for members and then offers either a nominal drop in fee or free swim clinics at them.

Do you teach swimming?

We coach people that have the basic skills to swim two lenghts of the pool.  If you are not comfortable with a 50 yard swim it is suggested to take a public adult swim class at the local YMCA, or local recreational facility. We do help people with one of our 4 certified USMS coaches at a practice here or there, as well as, free swim clinics but it is best to start with an adult swim class.  Note that some of those coaches do offer 1 on 1 coaching sessions for about $100 per hour.

Where do you swim, bike or run?

The home page has a "where we train" button. Click that to open an interactive map of the SE section of michigan to see where we train.  Note: that one can get more detail about each location by clicking the small icon.

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