Tri With FAST


2018 Initiative – Networking
In 2015 we kicked off a member networking initiative, we continued that in 2016 but wish to expand that again in 2018.  We have grown this last year in the downriver area.  We wish to do that in 2018 but in the Royal Oak and Troy area.  Those new members were able to share their email, the locations of their swim, bike, or run.  Other members were provided this link and they were able to read and reach out to find like training partners.  Join today to get that benefit.

Tuesday Evening Brick Ride at Newburg Lake (map)
This workout includes a 20-25 mile ride out and back on Hines Drive, followed by a 5 or 10k run around Newburg Lake. For 2018 we will attempt to have 3 different groups leave: 1st group 5:15 pm departure; 2nd group 5:30 pm; 3rd group at 5:45 pm.  Since we stongly encourge riding the course, like the race, with no drafting you are free to leave anytime between those departure slots.  This allows all levels of riders to plan their ride to finish about the same time.   Some rides will include drinks or snacks for members.

Weekend Rides
FAST’s ride leaders are out and about on several different courses every weekend during the summer.  Check your weekly bike ride emails for specific information, or contact our VP of Triathlons at

Weekend Long Runs
FASTers are using our Facebook page, but not all members are FB users.  Watch our weekly club email for updates of weekly events.   

Saturday Morning Brick at Island Lake State Park (map)
This workout includes a swim in Trout Lake, followed by a bike ride in and around the Island Lake State Park / Kensington Metropark area. People ride between 10 and 50 miles, depending on their training schedules. Additionally, some people run instead of bike on the trails at Island Lake, or around Kensington. The connector path between Island Lake and Kensington has been reopened.

All speeds welcomed!