Weekly Swim Workouts Posted Here (Fall and Winter)

Each workout has 3 different levels.  This way 3 different skill levels of swimmers can swim together as one group, using the same send off times.  The object is to swim the workout as written as close as possible with the first thing to alter being the send of time but try not to do this too much.(Times are for yard pools - increase times by 10% to the nearest 5 seconds for meters).

The send off times and strokes have a reason why they are written this way.  The goal of each workout is not to swim the same speed, or the same amount of rest, or even the same stroke.  The variety of strokes, distances, speeds, and rest are structured to improve your swimming strength and endurance.  Supplementing these workouts with weights will accelerate your strength building.

Of the three workouts on each page workout #1 is the most difficult, then workout 2, and the easiest is workout 3.  You should try to slowly move from workout 3 to workout 2 and then get to workout 1.  For those that feel adventurous feel free to take workout 1 and decrease the time intervals, or swim more stroke, but only if you are getting plenty of rest time to and achieve the suggested number of repeats.
These workouts have been used for over 20 years at many Saturday swim practices with a diverse set of swimmers.  I do not claim it to be error free but the group has been challenging these sets for a long time, less any typos.
The following is the key for the terms used in some workouts.
  • "Interval" - Time to swim one set distance; e.g. 100 yards on 2 minutes is one interval which would be written as 100 x 2 min; the 100 yards is the interval distance, 2 minutes is the send off time.  Swim 100 yards and then start the next one at the 2 minute mark.  The faster you swim the longer rest you receive.
  • Set - A group of swims back to back to back; 4 x 100 (This means swim 100 yards 4 times, back to back) and all 4 of the 100's is called one set.
  • Stroke - Swim anything but freestyle; important to build balance and not over stress one set of muscles
  • Pull - Swim with a pull-buoy between your legs (optional paddles)
  • Descend - Swim each set distance faster than the prior one all within on one set. Make sure that the last one is the fastest.
  • Progressive - Slowly speed up throughout the distance and repeate that throughout the set.  The first length of each send off is the slowest.
  • Bilateral - breath both sides (Left side and then right side)
  • IM - In this order: Fly, Back, Breast, Freestyle.
  • Broken - The total interval is broken into two or more shorter send off distances with a specified rest time; normally designated with a '/' where the distance is broken with a short rest.  (typical rest time is 5 or 10 seconds)
  • Ladder - Do sets without a break in between them; many times shown with a ']' joining the sets
  • Chasers - Swim with a group of people.  Each swimmer takes turn swimming first for that interval distance.  The lead person then drops out and rests for one interval.  Then he/she rejoins the group after the rest as the last person.  Similar to a bike pace line but with a rest for the lead swimmer."
This week's workout is as follows:
November 2020 - New Format.  We will give this a try.  5 Different workouts (1 hour long) posted here each week.















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