Super Sprint Training

Free Super Sprint Training

When: See the calendar for the specific dates

Time: Strive to get the first sprint brick going at 8 am

Be sure to join the Super Sprint News Group in the event we need to change the time or date.


Swim 250-300 yards along the edge of the Spring Mill Pond to maximize distance swam and provide safety to each person.  If you swim across the lake you will shorter the swim and not be considered part of the group (for insurance reasons)

Run from the lake exit point to the bike racks (typically FAST brings enough bike racks for members); remember to RSVP when asked how many will be there.

Practice the transition and hop on your bike.

Exit the parking lot and on the main road stop to ensure no cars or bikes are coming the other way.  Turn left and then go to the end of the park.  Loop around the parking lot and also loop around the small outshoot road before the railroad tracks.  Once you get back to the train tracks cross them and head back to the transition area.  The bike route is about 5.5 miles.

Once in the parking lot, where we started, rack your bike quick and safetly.  Put on your running shoes and run around the lake.  Normally the club has banners at each of the 2 major turns.  Half of the course is on a sandy mountain bike route and it is not closed to bikes so be careful.  Run at your own risk.  The run loop is 1 mile.

Once you do this loop think about doing it again and again.  Practice, practice until you get your transition refined for your race.







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