2022 Swim Challenge


2022 Swim Challenge Annoucement

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Description of the Challenge:

It is time to show off your achievements in swimming in 2022. We are rolling out a new program free to all yearly members who wish to participate. It is based on climbing up Mount Everest but in the pool!

The top level will be the Mount Everest Achiever Level. Each level below is half of the prior level distance.

Since the elevation of Mount Everest is 29,029 feet you will be asked to swim a proposal distance to earn this top award. Those that swim 290,290 yards this year can claim their free swim cap (see below)

Details below:

Open to all yearly members; must be a member when swimming this distance as well

Honor system

It doesn't have to be an organized swim practice, swim it anywhere (indoor, outdoor, during a triathlon race); just add up your distance in yards

You may count any yardage swam since January 1st

Limited number of caps for each level so submit as soon as you finish the distance

Earn all three caps for a complete collection

Caps will be mailed to you no matter where you live which makes it a great program for those living out of state

Hint: If you use Strava it tracks your yearly distances which is great if you use the autoload feature

1st Level - Bronze Level - Mount Fuji

Swim 72,572 yards in 2022

1/4 of the Everest Award distance

Equals 1,400 yards a week

Limited to 50 people/caps

Cap Color - White

2nd Level - Silver Level - Mount Kilimanjaro

Swim 145,145 yards in 2022

1/2 of the distance of the Everest Award distance

Equals - 2,800 yards a week

Limited to 35 people/caps

Cap Color - Silver/Grey

Top Level - Gold Level - Mount Everest

Swim 290,029 yards in 2022

Equals - 5,600 yards a week

Limited to 25 people/caps

Cap Color - Gold/Yellow

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