Member spotlight

The strength of our club is that we have been around a long time and that we have many members spread around the SE Michigan area.  We have people that have different backgrounds.  We help each other many different ways. 

Here is one of those members:

Name: David Ooms

How long have you been with FAST? 

5 years


Why did you join FAST?

Been fascinated by triathlons for years and finally took the plunge into multi-sport by joining to challenge myself. FAST gives me the right level of support and provides variety in offering different ways to train. Whether it swimming at Schoolcraft, OWS at Trout Lake or the long Saturday bike rides. Not to forget about the Tuesday bricks in summertime.


Your favorite event(s) coordinated by FAST and why?

Jon Logan Tri! My first Triathlon that I competed in and finished. I mark it on my calendar every year whether to race it, give back by volunteering or if I am lucky- to do both.


You key accomplishments in life?

Traveled to all continents except Antarctica (it is on the list!). Striving for improvement in all aspects of life while maintaining balance. My military service prior to college and earning my Electrical Engineering degree.


Hobbies other than swimming and triathlons?

Is there time for that? Reading, watching movies (prefer Sci-Fi but watch a lot of different genres), traveling


Have you ever been associated with aother swim or triathlon club?  If so, what do/did they do that you would like to see FAST integrate into this club?



What goals do you have with respect to swimming or triathlons this next year?  next 5 years? 

Battle of Waterloo for a good time. Swimming is to learn flip turns and participate in more meets. Would like to consider an international triathlon race experience.

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