Member spotlight

The strength of our club is that we have been around a long time and that we have many members spread around the SE Michigan area.  We have people that have different backgrounds.  We help each other many different ways. 

Here is one of those members:

Name: Shane Brezee

How long have you been with FAST? 

12 years


Why did you join FAST?

To make new friends and learn more about triathlons


Your favorite event(s) coordinated by FAST and why?

Annual awards dinner party


You key accomplishments in life?

Married 32 years, raised three children, IM Wisconsin, Marathons in 33 states and DC


Hobbies other than swimming and triathlons?

Running, Boating, Water Skiing, Adventure Races, Orienteering, Camping


Have you ever been associated with aother swim or triathlon club?  If so, what do/did they do that you would like to see FAST integrate into this club?



What goals do you have with respect to swimming or triathlons this next year?  next 5 years? 

Raise $3,500 for Cancer Research with Fred's Team and Run NYC Marathon plus 4 other marathons this fall, Complete a Marathon in 50 States plus DC.