Club Competition

Competition starts January 3rd 2022 and ends March 27th

  • Double credit automatically given for swims January 3rd through January 30th
  • Double credit automatically given for bikes January 31st through Feb 27th
  • Double credit automatically given for runs Feb 28th March 27th

Here is what is is all about for you newbies....

It is a way to get people motivated and reward them with the opportunity to win goodie bag points. If you wish to be included in this year's competition here is what you need to do:

  1. Ensure you are a 2022 member during the whole competition.  If you are not a 2022 member you will be kicked out of the competition until you rejoin. This rejoining will require you to re-apply to the special Strava club created just for the competition.  (Eliminating non-renewing members start January 1st)
  2. Be part of the Strava Club called FAST Club Competition - linked here
  3. Learn how to load data into strava either manually or automatically.  I suggest those that are not familiar with Strava to ask a fellow club member to see if they can help you.  An alternative approach is to go to and read up on it
  4. Only enter your data once regardless of what the club does for bonus points!  We do that calculation offline.  

So what is the competition all about?

It will be exactly the same as last year through your uploading, or syncing your data with the club strava competition area.

Each year the club holds an internal competition for their members.  We swim, bike, and run against each other for total time/distance.  Like prior years we will track distance and hours but focus on hours training instead of pure miles.  This strategy is to not favor those super fast people in our group.  It is to recognize those fitness swimmers, bikers, and runners that put the time in the pool or gym regardless of their prior performance.  Like prior years we will provide 1 point for every hour worked out.  People log their total number of hours in Strava for each day for every week. 

The week in Strava runs from Monday morning to Sunday night.  If you don't put your hours worked-out into Strava by Monday for the prior week you will not be credited time for those workouts in the prior week. 

In January each member will receive double hours for each minute swam. For example if you swim 5 hours the first week of January, bike zero miles, and run 5 hours you will receive points as follow: 10 hours for swimming, 0 hours biking, and 5 hours running for a total of 15 hours.

In February we will reward double hours for biking, and then in March double hours for running.

The hours you log into the three months will determine how many times your name will be put into a hat at the end of the competition.  So the more you log your workouts the better the chance of winning goodie bag points.  This is the only way you can get goodie bag points in our calendar year without volunteering your time back to a club event.

Remember we have 2 Strava accounts: one is our base club section and we normally don't kick out past members.  The 2nd one is the one we use for this competition (linked above).   Note that once you enter your workouts into Strava it will automatically go to both groups.  Also many watches and smart phones can record your workouts with the app and it is automatically recorded against your account.

So start your engines and get working on those New Year workout resolutions. 

Every year we have someone that fat fingers the data or accidentally has it recorded twice.  We will monitor for those issues and will ask those members to adjust how they record their data.  The typical double entry occurs for those doing indoor cycling that have zwift to Strava but it also Garmin to Strava is uploaed causing two entries for one workout.  I've been told this has been resolved but we will still monitor for this double entry. 

We also request members to only track swim, bike and run and not log a long walk as a run. (typically a 17 minute to mile pace tends to be a considered a walk.  If you like to run walk and your average pace is close to the 17 min/mile pace please pause your watch distance during the walk)