club solutions benefits

A comprehensive and affordable tool
to cover all of your club needs.

member benefits
  • Impressive Profile Page with Photos, Goals, Upcoming Events, etc.
  • Post Status, Links, Videos, Workouts, and Event Reports to Club Feed
  • Full Club and Group Member Forum Discussions
  • Manage and Log Training Manually
  • Shoe Log to Keep Track of Mileage and Avoid Injuries
  • Create "Private" Group for Others with Similar Training Regimen/Goals
  • Share Event Reports/Photos on Club Site and Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
leadership benefits
  • Full Membership Management
  • Web Hosting/Support
  • Impressive Admin Tools
  • Access to The Driven's online event solutions platform
  • Create Groups and easily communicate with Club
  • Market club online with social media
  • Instant message with other Coaches/Members
  • Create events online and manage Invite/RSVP lists
  • Send NewsLetter to club members
  • Online registration of volunteers
webmaster benefits
  • Changes are reflected immediately on your site, with no need for regenerating static pages
  • Search Engine Optimization to get you the best exposure in the search engines, a SEO panel allowing changes of basic search engine setting is included.
  • Easily upload your new header and set the flash-like transition effects
  • Select what pages you want in the menu navigation, including subpages
This is a test environment to demonstrate some of the features available. The site is not fully setup as it would be for a real club. Feel free to navigate the various pages. As other users browse the demo and add content, it will become visible. As others add pages or modify the layout in the Admin demo, theUser demo will adjust as well.
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