Welcome to USAFIT Vancouver's 20th Season in Clark County, Washington.

Our registrations for the 2023-2024 Marathon training season are now open, and your first training day is December 2nd, Race Day is June 1st in Newport, on the Oregon Coast.

If you'd like to "get a jump start" on your Half-Marathon training (and who wouldn't?), register now and join us on December 2nd, and you'll be more than ready for when the official half-marathon training starts at the beginning of March 2024. It may sound like a long way off, but time flies when you're having fun with this group!

All the details you'll need for our 2023-2024 Training Season will be provided in our weekly newsletter. Please subscribe at the bottom of our homepage to stay informed of the starting time. Here's a link: Subscribe To The Newsletter

We look forward to being your training partner in the next great season of Vancouver FIT!

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