The Driven Event Solutions platform is integrated with the most used timing company software applications. Event Directors can easily provide participant data access to any timing company that uses either the Event director or Run Score software platforms, making the process easy and convinient for both event directors and timers.


  • Allow timers to access data when its convenient for them.
  • Download participant data directly into the timing software to reduce errors.
  • Assign bibs nightly for larger races with multiple packet pickup days.
  • Enable race day registration without needing to manually enter last minute registrations.

The Race Director

The Race Director - System designed specifically for the management of races (running, bicycle, skiing).


  • Participant setup
  • Results entry
  • Pre-race reports
  • Post-race reports
  • Labels
  • Software for timing
  • Individual and team scoring for single races, biathlons and triathlons.

Designed for use with Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000.

Interfaces to all major chip systems:

  • MyLaps Bib Tag
  • ChampionChip
  • RFID (Accuchip)
  • Chrono Track
  • Winning Times
  • DAG
  • J-Chip
  • AMB

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RunScore is a program designed to tabulate results for road races, triathlons, cross country meets, bike rallys, etc. It also serves as a mailing list database for race registrants.

RunScore Features:

  • RunScore is a client/server application that allows you to run from multiple PCs.
  • RunScore gives you great flexibility in configuring your race to meet the requirements of the Race Director.
  • RunScore is integrated many online systems.
  • As runners finish a race, bib numbers are entered into the computer from a chip/tag system, by hand, or by using a bar code reader (not included).
  • Network enabled so that you can process results on various PCs.
  • RunScore is integrated with many external timer systems.
  • You can also enter times by attaching a cable to the PC's serial port. (Cable not included but wiring diagram is provided.)
  • Produce reports by numeric or alphabetic order, produce overall results, age-group results, mail labels, and much more.
  • Age/gender grading based on the World Masters Athletics tables which were generated by Alan Jones.
  • Designate which runners exceed USATF performance guidelines.
  • Handle wave starts and triathlon splits
  • Team scoring. True cross-country scoring with elimination of non-team members or scoring based on overall time or overall place.
  • Handles up to 64,000 competitors.

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