Club Competition

At NIFC, we have 2 main types of club competition. These competitions are open ONLY TO CLUB MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING.



NIFC's most common club competition is the President's Cup.

The President's Cup is a 6 round competition where members accumilate points through their performance in each of the rounds. Each round is a pool event, where fencers get points for their final standing, wins, and any positive indicator achieved. Each weapon is fenced, scored, and awarded independently, however an overall award is awarded to the fencer will the highest number of points for the three weapons combined.



In May of each year, we have our Club Championships, a 4 evening event where each weapon is contested separately (in addition to a Novice Saber event). In addition to the awards given on each night, points are accumilated by the top 8 from each event which is then added up to give an overall champion whose name is then placed permanently on the back wall of our facility.



Each member is given the opportunity, during their birthday month, to participate in a club tradition of birthday bouts, where the number of bouts that must be fenced in dependent on the member's age. The reward for doing so? A birthday cake and a sense of pride that THEY SURVIVED!!!

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