The club has a limited number of loaner masks available for students in various sizes. These are available on a first come basis. Most students do not buy a mask until they decide if the will become a competitive fencer or until they commit to the sport. Club fencing requires a puncture resistance of 350 Newtons for safety reasons most masks on the market are suitably rated. Mask prices range from about $80 up to several hundred dollars with higher end masks being both stronger and lighter, often with removable/replaceable components.


Glove & Cuff

The fencing glove is a long cuff glove with padding over the back of your hand to protect you from injury. Saber gloves have a built in lame cuff that allows you to eliminate having to use an external lame cuff. The lame cuff is used only when fencing Saber on an electrified strip and not needed for dry practice; it provides a continuous conductive surface to your wrist, which is required for scoring purposes and works with the Lame. Effective immediately for SABER fencers: USA Fencing requires the newer, more protective, 800N Saber glove to be used at all USA Fencing sanctioned events.



Fencing jackets offer protection to your arms and torso and are available with either a front zipper (recommended) or back zipper (not recommended). Stretch fabrics are far more comfortable, but more economical cotton fabric jackets are very common for clubs.



The Lame is a conductive over jacket that is worn over your fencing jacket and is connected, by low voltage wires, to a "scoring box" when a fencer is on an electric strip during a bout. Lames are used in SABER and FOIL fencing. A Saber Lame looks like a jacket, while a Foil Lame is a sleeveless vest. The club has a wide selection of sizes available to use while fencing at the club, these are available for use on a first come/first serve basis. Advances members typically purchase their own Lame.



Blades may be borrowed from the club for lessons and recreational fencing. As your skills progress, most fencers purchase their own blades and there are various blade characteristics that you may find desirable. Costs can range from about $15 to over $150 for the blade alone, and entire weapons typically range from $60 to over $200.


Fencing Shoes

Competitive fencers may want to invest in a pair of specialized fencing shoes, however most fencers can utilize most styles of athletic shoes. Any shoe with a cushioned heel and flat sole are suitable.



Traditional pants, usually white in color, worn by fencers and required for all sanctioned competitions. Made of puncture resistant fabric to protect the fencer's legs.


Body Cord

Worn by the fencer to connect the fencer's weapon to the scoring machine reel in competitions and bouting using electronic scoring equipment.


Head Cord (or Mask Cord)

In Foil and Saber fencing, a short cord used to connect the mask to the lamé in competitions and bouting using electronic scoring equipment.


For Women (& Men): Chest Protector

Chest protectors come in 1 piece full chest coverage and 2 piece minimal coverage options. Whilst required for women, chest protectors for men are available.


For Men: Protective Cup

Self Explanatory.