Club Championships

In May of each year, we have our Club Championships, a four evening event where each weapon is contested separately (Foil, Epee, Saber, Novice Saber). In addition to the awards given on each night, points are accumulated by the top eight fencers from each event which is then added up to determine an overall champion who is awarded our Club Championship Trophy, also known as "The Ryser Cup".  The overall champion's name is then placed permanently on our club "Wall of Fame".

2021 Results


  1. Aaron Cook
  2. Aaron Hensley
  3. Sal Sorrentino


  1. Bryson Robinson-Levant
  2. Aaron Cook
  3. Liam Collins & Blake W. Sheets


  1. Aaron Cook
  2. Rich Maro
  3. Blake W. Sheets & Chris Tacke


  1. Aaron Cook
  2. Aaron Hensley
  3. Samantha Docter & Liam Collins

Previous Results