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If you are providing electronic timing (either yourself or via a timing company) for your participants, select YES to the question Chip Timing Provided?. This lets your registrants know that their event will be accurately timed using digital chip technology. Using chip timing is definitely suggested for events where you will be awarding prizes for top finishers. If you need timing company suggestions, let us know!


Click on the PARTICIPANTS tab within EVENT SOLUTIONS. Then, select the SUB-EVENT for which you want to ASSIGN BIB NUMBERS, then click on the ASSIGN BIB NUMBERS button. This feature allows your event timing company to pre-assign bib numbers while online registration is still active. Using the DYNAMIC REGISTRATION feature in combination with this allows you to keep online registration open until just before the event starts. Step 1: Download the PARTICIPANTS spreadsheet. Step 2: Enter the BIB NUMBERS into the bib number column. Step 3: Upload the modified spreadsheet with the new BIB NUMBERS added. Note: While sorting the entries in the spreadsheet, do not change the position of the first two rows; and, if you want to add any new column, please add it on the far right.


DYNAMIC REGISTRATION allows for easy onsite registration and/or packet pick up. Complete flexibility is provided while always keeping your PARTICIPANTS database accurate and secure. Online (and onsite) registration can stay open until just before the scheduled start time of your event, where the timing company (if applicable) can connect to the database to add new participants.

Following DYNAMIC REGISTRATION set up, a URL to a secure login screen is provided. An unlimited number of computers can then be connected using the same access information allowing multiple computers to serve as check in stations, allowing not only registration, but also participants to edit their information and/or switch sub-events, based on your wants/needs.

To activate this feature, click on the ACTIVATE DYNAMIC REGISTRATION link in the PARTICIPANTS section within EVENT SOLUTIONS and complete the required fields.

Here is complete guide to Dynamic registration. Click Here


Our EVENT SOLUTIONS platform is integrated with the most used timing company software applications. With The Driven, you can easily provide PARTICIPANTS data access to any TIMING COMPANY that uses either The Event Director or Run Score software platforms. Integrating with a TIMING COMPANY greatly minimizes the risk of errors and the workload of both entities. For example, using this feature allows TIMING COMPANIES to access data when they need to and allows event directors to assign bibs nightly for larger events with multiple packet pick up days. To activate this feature, click on the TIMING COMPANY INTEGRATION link in the PARTICIPANTS section within EVENT SOLUTIONS and complete the required fields.

Can I integrate my event RESULTS with my PARTICIPANTS list?

Yes. Click on the RESULTS button in the PARTICIPANTS section of EVENT SOLUTIONS. Select the SUB-EVENT for which you want to integrate RESULTS. From there, you will select whether you want to UPLOAD INDIVIDUAL RESULTS, DELETE RESULTS, or UPLOAD PRE-FORMATTED RESULTS FILE (such as from a TIMING COMPANY).

How do I create credentials for the Race Director or Run Score timing Company application?

Setting up a Timing company account is easy.

Login to https://thedriven.net
Under Event Solution tab, go to Participants. View Screenshot
Click on timing company integration option. View Screenshot
Click the add new timing company button to the right. View Screenshot

Next, you will need to select the timing company from the dropdown. View Screenshot
1. The Race Director
2. Run Score
Fill out the fields: Timing company name, username, password, confirm password. View Screenshot

Below these fields, you will see the list of events that are created in your account (if any) so you can just check the box to select. View Screenshot

If you already have an account you could just login to the site and come to the Timing Company Integration page where you could select current or past events. View Screenshot

When you are done, click "submit" View Screenshot

How to import participants from Thedriven to The Race Director software

Please follow the steps below to import participants from Thedriven to The Race Director Software.

1. Open the RaceDirector timing software and Click on the Menu File>New View Screenshot

2. Enter Your Event name and click on the Build race button View Screenshot View Screenshot

3. Go to Update>> Participants View Screenshot

4. Click on the Import (Imp) button View Screenshot

5. Select Thedriven.net radio button and then click on the import button View Screenshot

6. Enter Thedriven userID ad password which is created from Timing Company Integration and then click on Get Races button View Screenshot

7. Select your Event from the event list View Screenshot

8. Select Divison and then click on the Get Registration button View Screenshot

9. If Bib numbers are present then please Map the field and then click on the Create Import button View Screenshot

10. Uploaded data shown on the Update Race Participants tab View Screenshot

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