Rules and Scoring

The Grand Prix Race Series is an annual friendly competition among NERC members. The goal is to promote participation in local area races, many of which are in support of causes benefiting the community. These events have paid a fee to the club to be included and these fees are used for prizes and awards. There is no additional sign up required. If you are an active member prior to race day you will automatically be included and scored.

NERC Grand Prix 2024 Series Rules     Any active NERC member  is automatically scored. This year there will be 18-19.races To qualify for an award, you must participate in a minimum of 5 races.  Your best 8 races will be scored and all participation points are added. For the 19 and under and 70 and over age groups the minimum participation is 4 events.

Your age as of the first race series event will determine your age group for the year.   Age group breakdowns for males and females are:

14 and under,15-19, 20-24,25-29, 30-34,35-39, 40-44,45-49, 50-54,55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75 and over

To be scored, you have to be an active(paid) member the day before a race. We are grateful to  Al Wittman, who created a program to track the scores and has made it available for our use. This year Donna Crooks will be taking over the scoring.  Efforts are made to include all members found in results. It helps if your name is correctly shown!!

Results will be posted on social media and the NERC website as promptly as possible. Questions? –email

Series Scoring

1. Overall – For each race the top five overall male and females(any age) will receive  100 pts for 1st, 90 pts for 2nd , 80 pts for 3rd, 70pts for 4th,and 60 pts for 5th place in addition to their age group points

2.  Age Groups – The first ten male and female members in each age group will be scored 100 pts for 1st, 90 pts for 2nd down to 10 pts for 10th. All remaining finishers in each age group will be awarded 5 points.

3.   Participation score -   These are based on race distance at one point per whole mile.  5k=3pt, 10k=6pt,   Half  Mar=13pt  . Three races(Flag Day, XC series and Autumn Leaves Fall 4mi)  earn 50 Bonus participation points, in addition to the distance points  and all participation points add in to the final score.     

Series Awards -Top 3 overall male and females, Top 3 Masters male and females and up to 3 deep for each age division will receive “awards”. In the case of a tie- head to head competition will determine who is awarded higher.   - We do not use general club funds/fees for this competition.   


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