4th Annual Snowdrop ULTRA 55 Hour Race & Relay
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Event: 4th Annual Snowdrop ULTRA 55 Hour Race & Relay
Fundraising For 4th Annual Snowdrop ULTRA 55 Hour Race & Relay

The Snowdrop Foundation is an amazing organization that provides support to families with children battling pediatric cancer and helps fund research to help eliminate this terrible disease that takes so many away from us too soon. This December 30th I will again attempt (and this time succeed) to run 100 miles as part of the Snowdrop Ultra 55. I would be grateful for your donation to the Snowdrop Foundation in the hopes that one day we will no longer need to see these precious children suffer. Thank you! 


p.s. I love that considering how much puking I was doing last year when I was sick the sign in my picture says "3 to 1 you hurl before this is over" 

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