4th Annual Snowdrop ULTRA 55 Hour Race & Relay
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Event: 4th Annual Snowdrop ULTRA 55 Hour Race & Relay
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Dear Friends:

On Tuesday, December 30, 2016, women and men across the nation will unite in Texas and run an Ultra 55 HOURS Race just outside of Houston.


I have committed myself to run at least 100 miles with the hope of raising funds to help fight childhood cancer in honor of Austin Taylor. My proceeds from Ultra 55 Hour run will benefit Snowdrop Foundation. Snowdrop Foundation funds pediatric cancer research and college scholarships for pediatric cancer patients and childhood cancer survivors.


In order to reach my goal, I am asking for your support in the form of a monetary donation. I would appreciate any support that you are able to provide. Since Snowdrop Foundation is an officially recognized 501 (3) non-profit organization, your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Childhood cancer is the leading cause of non-accidental death in children, and the cause remains unknown. Now is the time to take action to help end this disease. The more funds that I raise, the sooner we can end this fight. More information about the marathon and the fight to cure childrens cancer can be found at www.snowdropfoundation.org.  By supporting me in the Snowdrop Foundation Ultra 55 Hour Run, we will ultimately help put an end to childhood cancer.


Thank you for your support and consideration.




Brad Smith
Snowdrop Foundation Ultra 55 Hour Runner

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