4th Annual Snowdrop ULTRA 55 Hour Race & Relay
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Event: 4th Annual Snowdrop ULTRA 55 Hour Race & Relay
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This will be my fourth year to participate in the Snowdrop Ultra 55 Hour Race and Relay. I'm excited to be a part of this amazing organization that raises awareness of childhood cancer and also raises funds for childhood cancer research. My favorite part of this organization is that they give support and scholarships to children who have overcome cancer.

One reason I started doing long distance events was to raise prayer support for my nephew, Joshua, who sustained Traumatic Brain Injury after a car accident on November 30, 2009. He has made tremendous progress over the years and was even able to participate in the second Snowdrop Ultra 55 Hour Race and Relay event! The Snowdrop organization welcomed Josh and my family to the event and everyone was very supportive. Today, Joshua is doing well, but still has residual effects from the Traumatic Brain Injury so I keep running for him.

This year, I have 3 reasons to participate in this event. One, with your help, I hope to meet my fundraising goal of $2500. Two, I want to continue getting people to pray for our Joshua because, although he is doing well, he still has an uphill battle to independence. 

The third reason is the one that tugs at my heart the most. On March 7, 2016, my family lost my nephew, Adam Cajiuat Posadas, an Army veteran, to Complex PTSD when he willingly fell off the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. He served as an interrogator translator in Iraq and could not reconcile in his head and in his heart, the atrocities he witnessed there and the only way he could find peace was to end his life. He became one of 22 veterans who commit suicide daily. DAILY we lose an average of 22 veterans to suicide. That is a statistic I'm going to work hard to change. 

By participating in the Snowdrop Ultra 55 Hour Race and Relay, I can help raise awareness of and funds for childhood cancer research, raise prayer and support for Joshua and raise awareness and help for our veterans. Please, won't you help me meet my goals? Please and thank you. 

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