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It's your event... you make the decisions.

Unlike our competitors, The Driven gives you the option to choose the registration fee that best suits your needs. With either option you also have the choice of separating the race and registration fees or combining them into one lump sum. We also include a very low donation processing fee of 4%.

how it works

Our platform defaults to Option 1 pricing shown below. If you choose this pricing simply complete the event setup, publish the event, and copy the URL to your site. If you choose Option 2 Pricing simply complete the event setup. Call or email our sales team with your registration fee structure, let us make a few edits, then publish your events!

Option 1

The Driven offers the unique combination of an excellent product, service, and pricing.

$2.00 registration fee for events up to $10.00.
$2.50 registration fee for events up to $30.00.
$3.00 registration fee for events between $30.01 and $50.
6% registration fee for events above $50.00.

Option 2

The Driven wants to support your cause/organization/event. How do we do it? We will match your current Event Registration providers fees and pay you the difference. That's right, unlike our competition, we'll actually pay you for using our services! See example below…..

A Competitor charges $4.62 for a $50 event fee. Our fee for the same event is $3.00. At the conclusion of your event we'll pay you the difference of $1.62 per online registered participant.

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