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Plano Pacer Dues
Plano Pacers is a volunteer run non-profit group that depends on membership fees and donations to make our events possible. Please consider contributing to support our organization. Donations can be made here.
Our current dues and membership types are listed below. To join, click join here. To renew your membership, click renew here. Plano Pacers membership fees are for 365 days of membership, starting from the date of joining. If you are active when you renew, the 365 days will start after your current membership expires. Non-members or inactive/expired members are welcome to run with us, but will not be included in the official results or be eligible to receive awards. 
Membership Category Description Dues
Single Membership Single adult, <70yrs $40/year
Family Membership * 2 adults (over 18yrs), plus children (under 18)     $55/yr
Student Membership Student, <26yrs $25/yr
New! Senior Membership Single adult 70+ yrs $25/yr
Pre-registered Guest Non-members $15/race
Race Day Guest Registration Non-member $20/race
Lost or additional chips (eg family)        Members $10/chip
*Family Membership includes 2 timing chips.  Additional chips are $10.
In addition to our monthly club races on the last Saturday of each month, we also host a free Kid’s K each month after the regular race(s), and a free Prediction Run on the second Tuesday of the month. 

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