Godzilla Of The Year Requirements

2021 Godzilla of the Year (GOTY) Requirements


GOTY Parameters:

  1. Every GOTY event must contain at least one triathlon event (swim, bike and/or run).
  2. Include any triathlon and biathlon in Illinois or Missouri.
  3. Include any event that is directed by a MTC member.  Examples:  Pere Marquette, Route 66 10K, Last Man Standing, Up-A-Creek, Zillacross, Meso, etc.
  4. For a full or half IM to count for GOTY, the member’s profile for that race must be associated with the MTC.


Annual GOTY Budget:

a. The budget for the annual GOTY award will not exceed $10 per paid member as of 31 December of the previous year.

b. The maximum amount of an individual award will be $100.

To qualify for the annual GOTY award, Metro Tri Club (MTC) members must:

a. Attend a minimum of five of the monthly MTC meetings (Note:  the annual banquet counts as a meeting); and

b. Participate as a “volunteer” at a minimum of five of the following events:

      (1) Miles for Meso

      (2) Route 66 10K Run (as part of the MTC Water Stop)

      (3) Pere Marquette (counts as two volunteer points)

(4) GORC workday at SIUE or Highland (can count a maximum of one)

(5) Club equipment maintenance days (the club can schedule up to two a year; maximum of five volunteers per event; can count a maximum of one)

(6) Tracks n’ Treads off-road Bi

(7) Zillacross

(8) Try Tri

(9) Carlyle Tri

(10) St. Louis Tri

(11) Litchfield Tri

(12) Covered Bridge Run

(13) Club swim event

(14) Last Man Standing

(15) Beaver Dam Dash

(16) Up-A-Creek

(17) Club-selected full or half IM, Equipment director

(18) Ride for Reading

(19) MTC Christmas Cookie Run

(20) MSE Open Water Swim Series

(21) Annual Banquet set up

(22) Two volunteer points are awarded to club members who are a “director” for the following events:  Miles for Meso; Route 66 Water stop; Pere Marquette; Tracks n’ Treads; Last Man Standing; Beaver Dam Dash; Covered Bridge; Zillacross; YMCA Bluff Run in Valmeyer; MTC Christmas Cookie Run; and the MTC Holiday Swim Challenge.  

(23) In addition, a maximum of one volunteer point is awarded to any club member who serves during this year as a club officer, a “director” assigned by the officers to lead a club function during this year (e.g., membership director, graphic art director, banquet director, etc.), or serves as the club run, swim or bike coach this year.  

c. Complete a minimum of ten of the following races, with at least five of the points being from completing multi-sport races.  Note:  You also must wear some kind of “Zillawear” sometime at each of the ten races – either before the race, while you are racing or after the race while you are waiting to pick up your award!

      (1) To count as a “multi-sport” race, MTC members must compete in two or more of the events.

      (2) A minimum of one of your “multi-sport” events must be a triathlon (we are a triathlon club)

      (3) Any completed “full” ironman during the year will satisfy all ten race requirements.

(4) Any completed “half” ironman during the year will satisfy three multi-sport race requirements


           Event                        Type                      Expected Month     Location                      

Any USAT Ntl Championship      Triathlons/Duathlons            TBD                             TBD                                        

Any USMS swim meet                Swim                                       TBD                             TBD                                        

Any Ultramarathon                      Trail or Road Run                   TBD                             TBD

Any U.S. or World Multi-           Swim, Bike and/or run          TBD                             TBD

 Sport Nationals                          (ex: Aquabike, etc.)

Club Swim event                          Swim                                       TBD                             TBD                            

Runwell Resolution                       Run                                          January                       Edwardsville, IL

Last Man Standing Ultra            Trail Run                                 January                      SIUE Edwardsville, IL

Castlewood Cup                            Trail Run                                 February                    Valley Park, MO                   

Quivering Quads Half                 Trail Run                                 March                         Troy, MO                                                     

St. Patrick’s Day                         Run                                          March                         St. Louis, MO                              

Alton Half                                    Run                                          March                         Alton, IL

Tracks n’ Treads                         Off-Road Biathlon                 April                            SIUE Edwardsville, IL                    

Fight for Air Challenge               Run                                          April                            St. Louis, MO                  

Go!St. Louis Marathon/Half       Run                                          April                           St. Louis, MO

Go!St. Louis Marathon Relay      Run                                          April                           St. Louis, MO                              

River to River Relay                    Run                                          April                           Southern Illinois                  

Chain of Rocks Bridge                 Duathlon                                 April                            St. Louis, MO                              

Try Tri                                          Triathlon                                April                            SIUE Edwardsville, IL

Broken Spokes                             Bike                                         May                             Edwardsville, IL                    

Gateway Tri                                 Triathlon                                May                             Carlyle Lake, IL                                 

Highland                                       Biathlon                                  May                             Highland, IL                          

St. Louis (Creve Couer Lk)         Triathlon                                May                             Maryland Heights, MO         

Millstadt                                      Biathlon                                  May                             Millstadt, IL                         

Route 66                                       Run                                          June                            Edwardsville, IL

Tour De Charleston                     Bike                                         June                            Charleston, IL

Covered Bridge                            Run                                          June                            Glen Carbon, IL                 

Rec Plex                                        Triathlon                                June                            St. Peters, MO                            

Breese                                          Biathlon                                  June                            Breese, IL                               

Hillsboro                                      Biathlon                                  July                             Hillsboro, IL                         

Tour De Donut                             Bike                                         July                             Staunton, IL                         

New Town                                     Triathlon                                July                             New Town, MO                  

South County                               Triathlon                                July                             St. Louis, MO

Mud Mountain                              Trail Run                                 July                             SIUE Edwardsville, IL                    

Springfield                                   Triathlons                               July                             Springfield, IL                      

Kirkwood                                      Triathlon                                July                             Kirkwood, MO                       

Ballwin                                           Triathlon                                July                             Ballwin, MO                             

Fenton                                          Triathlon                                July                             Fenton, MO                             

Edwardsville Criterion                Bike                                         August                        Edwardsville, IL                    

Conquer Castlewood                    Adventure Race                     August                        Valley Park, MO

Lake St. Louis                              Triathlons                               August                        Lake St. Louis, MO                  

O’Town Hustle                             Triathlon                                August                        O’Fallon, IL       

Belleville                                       Biathlon                                  August                        Belleville, IL                          

Mascoutah                                    Biathlon                                  August                        Mascoutah, IL                       

Sunset Hills                                 Triathlon                                August                        Sunset Hills, MO                   

Super Prestige Cyclocross         Off-Road Bike Series           Sep/Oct                     Alton, IL                                   

Litchfield                                     Triathlon Series                    September                 Litchfield, IL                        

Meso                                             Run                                          September                 Alton, IL

Belleville Marathon                      Run                                          September                 Belleville, IL

Tour De Stooges                         Bike                                         September                 Lebanon, IL                               

Bentonville Tri-Fest                    Triathlon                                September                 Bentonville, AR

Rec Plex                                        Triathlon                                (Fall)                           St. Peters, MO

MO Cow Bell Full/Half                Run                                          October                      St. Charles, MO


Up-a-Creek                                  Creek Run                               October                      SIUE Edwardsville, IL

YMCA Bluff Run                           Trail Run                                 October                      Valmeyer, IL

Halloween Go!St Louis                 Multiple Runs                         October                      St. Louis, MO

Team Blue Line                            Run                                          October                      Metro East Area

  Honor Run

Lake Arrowhead 12 or 24           Trail Run                                 October                      Southern IL

  Hour Adventure Challenge

Tunnel Hill                                    Run                                          November                   Ana, IL                       

Beaver Dam Dash                        Trail Run                                 November                   Beaver Dam, IL

Skippo Races                               Trail Run                                 November                   Ballwin, MO

St. Louis Half Marathon             Run                                          November                   Clayton, MO

St. Louis Track Club Relay          Run                                          November                   St. Louis, MO

Innsbrook Half Marathon           Run                                          November                   Innsbrook, MO

Castlewood 8-hour                      Adventure Race                     November                   Valley Park, MO

Zillacross                                     Cyclocross & Trail Run          November                   Staunton, IL

Maryville Turkey Trot                Run                                          November                   Maryville, IL

MTC Holiday Cookie Run             Run                                          November                   Edwardsville, IL

River Road                                    Run                                          November                   Alton, IL

MTC Holiday                                Swim                                       Nov/Dec                     Edwardsville, etc.

  Swim Challenge

Pere Marquette                           Trail Run                                 December                   Pere Marquette State Park, IL