Club History

Where we came from & what we're all about ...
Way back in 1988, 5 fitness-minded people got together & decided to form a club. The purpose of this club was to promote fitness, fun, a sense of camaraderie, & to promote fitness-minded events within & for the local community.

Our 5 founding members were:

Mike Wever 
Mark Akers 
Tina Akers 
Gary Highfill 
Mark Wolf

Our first organized weekly training event was the Animal Ride. This weekly bike ride was (& still is) designed to simulate race conditions found in Biathlon, Triathlon, & Bicycle racing events. As a club we train, race, & conduct post-race "fluid-replacement" training together.

We continue to add to our weekly training schedule & events. Training events now include, but are not limited to:

Animal Ride (of course) Spring - Fall. 
Skunk Runs - Training Runs during the winter. 
Weekend Long-Distance cycling training - Spring/Summer 
Mountain Biking - Usually during the winter. 
Overnight / Weekend / Week-Long Travel to away events. 
The St. Pat's 5 miler "ZillaPede" 

In 1989 we started the first Biathlon in the RiverBend area. Held in Bethalto, our Summer Sizzler (5m Run / 20m Bike) attracted some of the best racers in the MidWest. The Summer Sizzler ran 1989 - 1994.

Something else happened in 1989. A club member came up with this crazy idea of starting a Trail Run up at Pere Marquette State Park. Other club members scoffed at the idea, "Who in their right mind would want to run over those ridiculously hard hills in the middle of winter!!". Well it's a long way from 1989 & the Trail Run endures. What Trail Running has to do with our being the "Tri-Club" ... don't ask me ... I just write this stuff.

We have donated a lot time & money to a variety of local charities over the years. In fact we try to do more every year!

Why not join us ...

Get fit 
Lose fat 
Make friends 
Have fun & 
Help people.

Sounds good to me!