Board of Directors

Name: Phil Gayter
Position: President

Name: Diana Schnell
Position: Vice President

Name: Ron Thomas
Position: Treasurer, Website

Name: Ed Zylka
Position: Editor/Publisher

Name: Ed Packel
Position: Webmaster

Name: Keith Stewart
Position: Membership, Website

Name: Miki Tosic
Position: Membership

Name: Jenny Spangler
Position: Club Coach

Name: Jack Zordan
Position: Special Events Coordinator

Name: Jeff McMahon
Position: Special Events

Name: Liisa McMahon
Position: Merchandising

Name: Kimberly Loughlin
Position: Merchandising

Name: Mike Reidy
Position: Social

Name: Mike McMahon
Position: Photographer

Name: Dr. Barry Seiller
Position: Founder
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