Founder's Message

A personal message from the founder of the Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Running Club...

"As founder the Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Running Club I am proud of how the club stands as a shining example of people bonding together by a common goal of keeping fit through running or walking. The social relationships that have developed over the years have helped with the club's longevity, as has the diverse nature of its members. Our success has been able to blend the diversity of the core members from various age groups, vocations, and geographic locations while still welcoming new members to the club, and still respecting each others level of running and/or walking. I am pleased to have a continuing relationship with the numerous presidents and their board members who have carried on the tradition of providing something for everyone's interest level. As we move forward I hope the current and future members will be able to continue to provide the same leadership and enjoyment that we have had for the last thirty years."

Barry L. Seiller, M.D.

Founder and First President

LFLB Running Club