Official Saturday AM Runs

To        LFLBRC Members 
From:  Running Club Board 
The club board believes that it is now acceptable for us to resume our official Saturday morning runs at 8am, with the following guidelines: 
1. We will meet in the north parking lot rather than indoors (even if it's raining) and we'll maintain at least 6 feet of social distance at all times.  
2.  Be especially careful to maintain distancing as you leave the station and when you return. 
3.  Rather than everyone leaving at once, let's break into groups of 10 or fewer and stagger the starts so we aren't a large group heading down    Westminster together.   
4.  Run single file or two or three abreast at the most.  Any more and it's not really possible to maintain distancing without impeding traffic.
5.  When passing other runners or walkers, allow plenty of distance.  
6.  Bringing a mask would be a good idea for before/after your run.
The station restrooms are now open (as of Saturday, June 6).