Chilly Chili Awards

This year a lot of things have changed due to the coronavirus. However, one thing that has stayed the same is the Club annual Chilly Chili. Again Jim and Patty Sykora were the congenial hosts. (Big thank you to them!!) As usual all the logistics were taken care of by our crack social team of Perry G and Leslie. (Big thank you to them!!) 

Big winners this were as follows: Best Chili, Scott Renken; Best Vegetarian Chili, Patti Shuma; Hottest Chili (While still being edible), Joan Elliott

Other special awards included the following: Best St. Patrick's Day Chili and Best Chili in a Musical or Comedy, Jack Zordon; Best Unconventional Chili and Best Chili in an 80's Theme, Eric Berg.

Check this link for some photos of the winners and other attendees: