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Club Bylaws

The Constitution and Bylaws governing the Houston Striders, Inc. are linked below.

Version 2016.1 was approved by the General Membership on May 9, 2016.

Houston Striders Bylaws v2016.1



The Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) is a national organization of running clubs in the United States and Canada. Founded in 1958, it is the oldest and largest such organization in America dedicated to distance running. The RRCA mission is to support and foster community-driven running clubs and running events in promotion of both health and competition for runners of all ages and abilities.

Houston Striders is a RRCA Running Club Member and abides by the governance requirements set by the RRCA for this status. For more information, visit the RRCA Running Club Membership page.

The RRCA National Convention is held once a year in different locations across the United States. Houston Striders hosted the 2006 RRCA Convention in Houston, and the 37 mile markers lining the hike and bike trail in Terry Hershey Park were installed as a community gift from the RRCA after the event.

Houston Striders members are a regular presence at the annual RRCA National Conventions. A list of attendees, with links to post-convention notes if prepared, is below:

1998 Steve Shepard, Mercedes Tarley
1999 Carlos Camacho, Barbara Shepard
2000 Joe Altomari, Heather Jones
2001 Ralph Collins, Barbara Shepard
2002 Liz Bearman
2003 Barbara Shepard, Steve Shepard
2004 Lee Baughman, Barbara Shepard,
Steve Shepard, Sandy Wollangk
2005 Brett Riley, Barbara Shepard
2006 Hosted by Houston Striders
2014 Mark Coleman, Bob Schamus,
Miriam Terc, Tonya Barnett
2015 Bob Schamus, Miriam Terc, Bobby Kitchen,
Chad Holmes, Hans Wong
2016 Bob Schamus, Chad Holmes,
Keith Willhelm, Hans Wong
2017 Chad Holmes, Keith Willhelm,
Hans Wong



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