Michele Hale

I was inspired to start running while watching my sister Christine cross the finish line of the Disney Marathon and "high five" Minnie. It was a truly up-lifting experience.

I have been running since September 27,1997. Hospital Hustle was my first race - I had to take walk breaks during this what seemed to be LONG 5K. Since crossing that finish line I describe myself as an addict. Since then I've competed in over 425 races - 27 of which were full marathons and 45 half marathons. I have a VERY supportive and understanding family.

I thought I knew everything about the needs of a runner from head to toe, then I took a position at Dick's Sporting Good's Store as The Running Specialist. After many hours of training and testing it is always a pleasure to share everything I have taken in not only with The Striders but many new runners, some who have become Striders.

2004 was an amazing year for me as I ran 4 full marathons in 6 months - 2 of which were only 5 days apart (Boston was one of them). Running that marathon gave me a feeling as no other one has. When I qualified for it in 2003 at Chicago, the rush it gave me still has not gone away. I also had the chance to run in Orlando, Nashville, Vegas, Indy, Cincinnati, South Carolina and twice in New York.

I have run the Chicago Marathon the past 8 years with Opportunity Enterprises. They are a not-for-profit organization that helps out mentally and physically challenged individuals in Lake and Porter counties Indiana. I head up the Lake County Marathon team training program. Helping out others less fortunate than yourself is another one of those feelings that is so awesome. Words can't describe it. I am a certified running coach with the RRCA. I also have coaching certification through ASEP.

I run -

  • to keep my weight under control
  • to keep my stress level down
  • with my sister and friends
  • because I have a passion for it
  • because it makes my internal Happy switches go on

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