100 Mile Club

The 100 Mile Club is designed to reward mileage accumulated throughout the calendar year (January through December). The 100 Mile Club is open to all current Striders. Simply email your monthly mileage (or corrections) to calstriderscoring@gmail.com. You do not need to worry about submitting proof or using specific tracking apps or gear. We’re running on the honor system.

Mileage will be updated here after the end of each month.

Your rewards:

  • Log 100 miles to earn a custom Strider 100 Mile Club patch
  • Log 500 miles to earn a gold-winged foot chenille pin
  • Log 1,000 miles to earn a custom Strider 1,000 Mile Club pin
  • Log 2,000 miles to earn a trophy at the Gold Cup Series banquet (attendance not required)


​The 100 Mile Club also includes the Run The Year Challenge.

The Run the Year Challenge is a fun way to get moving, and keep you on track throughout the year. Run the Year will consist of running a total of 2021 miles from January 1 - December 31, 2021. If high mileage is not for you, you can create a team of five runners or less to accumulate the total mileage. Each team runner must contribute equal mileage. For example, if there is a team of five runners, each runner must contribute 404.2 miles, a team of three runners 673.67 miles each, etc.

The Run the Year Challenge is open to all current Striders. To participate, you will need to register as a team or as an individual by emailing us. Each month teams and individuals need to submit their mileage to calstriderscoring@gmail.com



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