2014 Love.Run.Marathon.
Huntsville State Park, Park Road 40
Huntsville, TX 77342
United States 
Wednesday, February 19, 2014
8:00 AM
Event Information

This year’s event will be a trail run at Huntsville State Park, at the Park Lodge overlooking Raven Lake. Runners may choose between a 10K, Half Marathon, or Full Marathon. 


All proceeds for this event will be going to The Emmanuel Home of Protection in Diriamba, Nicaragua. This home provides protection for nearly 50 young ladies ages 18 and under who have been victims of abuse. These girls are provided a loving and safe environment where they receive spiritual, emotional, and psychological support, education, pre-vocational training, food, clothing and shelter. The Emmanuel Home also functions as a Center of Prevention; providing weekly care for at-risk young ladies and allowing them to return home on weekends to be with their families. There is also a Transition Plan for those young ladies that reach their 18th birthday and have no place to go.  The Emmanuel Home seeks to prepare every woman for a successful life on their own.


Project: Love One is excited to partner with this ministry and for the opportunity to serve the least of these in Nicaragua. To learn more about The Emmanuel Home of Protection, please visit this link:

Please note: Huntsville State Park is requiring a $5 fee for all runners and spectators as they enter the park. Please have this fee with you when you arrive. 

Race Day registration will be available. Please contact us at (832) 205-4884 for more information. 

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