Private: Safety Zone

Ride Rules and Safety

The Katy Ram Challenge Begins at 8:00am and the course closes at 4:00pm. All law enforcement will leave the course at 4:00 and the last aid station will be shut down at 3:00.  Riders will be asked to take the SAG truck back to to Paetow HS of Katy.  Those choosing to continue to ride do so at their own risk.


All riders must complete a registration form and sign the waiver to receive a Rider Packet.


Riders under 18 must have the waiver signed by a parent.


A parent or adult guardian must accompany riders under 18 years of age at all times.


The minimum age to participate in a NMSS bike event is 12 years of age by the first day of the event.


For safety and emergency purposes, ride numbers must be clearly visible throughout the ride.


All riders must obey all state and local traffic laws.


All riders must obey all Law Enforcement Personnel, Ride Officials and Volunteers.


All riders must practice appropriate cycling and safety etiquette at all times during the event.


All riders must wear a bicycle helmet that complies with the US Consumer Products Safety Commission Safety Standard


Headphones, cell phones, ear buds, radios and similar audio devices used in, on or around the rider’s head or ears are not permitted while riding. (Tandem communication accessories are allowed.)


Equipment and accessories attached to a bicycle for transporting children and pets are not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, bicycle trailers, Tag-along or Trail-a-bike products, and child carrier seats.


Riders are not allowed to transport animals while riding.


Inline skates (Rollerblades) are prohibited.


Riding safely in big groups requires communicating with other riders around you. Ride smart, ride safe.


Maintain your personal space avoiding close proximity to other bikes.


Avoid sudden sideways movements while riding in a group; be predictable and always hold your line.


Be considerate of slower and faster riders around you; remember that this is a fun ride, not a race.


Be careful, signal, and let others know when you’re slowing or stopping.


For a complete list of Rider Safety Rules and Tips on the BPMS150 page click here

Bad Weather Plan

  • Command Central will monitor weather conditions throughout the ride
  • No refunds are provided for bad weather.
  • There is no issues with riders continuing to ride in the rain
  • Riders may choose a shorter route from one of the 5 designated routes if they feel weather will threaten their ride.  Riders should not leave the designated routes.
  • If a rider chooses not to continue they should contact Command Central with the phone number on the ride map to request a SAG truck to pick them up.
  • Lightning Threat: The “30/30 Rule” is used.  If thunder is heard within 30 seconds of seeing lightning then the rider should get off their bike for 30 minutes for the lightning treat to pass.  It is best to get off the bike to avoid a lightning strike.  Distant lightning does not pose immediate risk.
  • Severe Weather Threat: If riders encounter a severe weather threat they should seek the nearest Hard Shelter.  Rest Stops do not have hard shelter available.
  • Stopping the ride: If Severe Weather threatens the ride for an extended period of time the Ride Coordinator, Safety Coordinator and Ride Marshal Liason will determine the need to stop the ride and will communicate a “ride weather stop” from command central.  Riders should stop riding and make their way to the start/finish area or the nearest hard shelter.  SAG Trucks will work to pick up riders and return them to the start/finish area.