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The Los Angeles Running Club (LARC) is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that unites runners and walkers in Southern California. We offer year-round training runs, a coached track night workout for interval/speed training, online strength training and cross-training sessions, and social activities. We’re dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and enduring friendships.  

Please follow us on Instagram @larunningclub and join our Facebook group for announcements and updates. Member benefits such as race discounts, training plans, and other resources can be accessed in the Members area of our website.

Nine Reasons to Join

1. Regularly scheduled group workouts: long slow distance, interval, recovery, and hill sessions at various distances for all abilities

2. Group participation and discounts for select local races

3. Fun social activities

4. Opportunities to meet and run or walk with great training partners

5.  Member discounts on all LARC merchandise

6. Inexpensive yearly dues – just $65 to join

7. Training schedules for various races available exclusively to members

8. Philanthropic activities

9. Friendly, warm and welcoming members

If you still have questions please email us at


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