Leadership Bios

Marianne Ricci – President / Chairman of the Board

LARC Member Since: 2016
Board Member Since: 2018
Years I've Been Running:  6 years
Number of Marathons: 6
The Best Thing About LARC: The community of runners.  I've made some wonderful friends and we all share our love of running in common.  My health has improved and I’ve gained confidence.  It all started by showing up at the Totem Pole one Saturday morning.
Favorite LARC Event:  There are so many LARC events that I enjoy!  I look forward to running every Saturday at the Totem Pole.  Wednesday night track training provides opportunities for runners of all experience levels to improve their speed and stamina. I love track nights too, and the social events. Having the opportunity to impact the community and make a difference is near and dear to my heart.
My Goals for the Club: To be a resource for runners and future runners, to help people meet their fitness goals, to socialize and make new friends, and to provide opportunities to impact our community for the greater good.
Favorite Running Quote:  “The voice inside your head that says you can’t do this is a liar.”
Accomplishment:  Pace Leader with LA Road Runners (LARR)
Fun Fact: I love peanut butter, powdered mixed with almond milk :-)


Cathie Enriquez - Vice President / Coach / PR Manager

LARC Member Since:  2014
Years I've Been Running/Walking:  9 years
Number of Marathons:  8
The Best Thing About LARC:  The sense of community and we have the best view ever!
Favorite LARC Event:   The Post LA Marathon medal run
My Goals For the Club:   I would like to motivate more walkers to come out and train on Wednesday nights and Saturdays.  Also, to make others aware that we have all levels of athletes.
Favorite Running Quote:   “Being an athlete is a state of mind which is not bound by age, performance or place in the running pack.”  Jeff Galloway
Accomplishments:  Pace Leader for Los Angeles Road Runners (LARR) since 2015.  RRCA Level 1 Coach


John Terrell - Treasurer

LARC Member Since: 2018
Years I've Been Walking:  6 years
Number of Marathons: Marathons? What? None, zippo, nada
The Best Thing About LARC:  Making friends
Favorite LARC Event: Saturdays at the totem pole
My Goals For the Club: To broaden our reach through social media
Favorite Quote:  Always look at the positive
Fun Facts: Collect coins and I’m a big Star Wars fan


Sarah Mahoney Furlong - Secretary

LARC Member Since: 2018
Board Member Since: 2019
Years I've Been Running/Walking: I walked my first full Marathon in 2015 and have been hooked ever since.
Number of Marathons:  6 full and 5 half marathons. I will be training for Berlin 2020!
The Best Thing About LARC:  I love Wednesday night track night and Saturdays at the totem pole. I have found a home with LARC. I love the fact that there is friendly and supportive environment for walkers too.

My Goals For The Club: As a new board member my goal is to help wherever I am most needed. I also want to motivate new runners, and especially walkers to join and train with LARC. LARC is a place where all ages and abilities can improve their endurance and speed, and set personal goals with the help of amazing volunteer coaches.

Favorite Running Quote:  “Everything you ever wanted to know about yourself, you can learn in 26.2 miles.”  

Accomplishment:  New Pace Leader with LA Road Runners (LARR).




David Levine - Charter Board Member / Head Coach

LARC Member Since: One cold afternoon at a picnic table by the totem pole in 2002
Board Member Since: That same cold afternoon at a picnic table by the totem pole

Head Coach of LARC:  For over 13 years
Years I've Been Running: Since college (over 30 years)
Number of Marathons: 30, three of which started with a 2.4 mile swim and a 112 mile bike ride.  A three-time Ironman
The Best Thing About LARC: The people

Favorite LARC Event: Wednesday night track at Santa Monica High School

My Goals for the Club: To help our members reach their goals and have a good time

Favorite Running Quote: "The endurance athlete shows the world that the boundaries and limitations that we thought existed don't, except beyond the realm which we cannot dream. So when we run, we run not just for ourselves, but so that someday those watching may also have a dream."

Certifications: Coach Level 2 USA Track & Field; USA Triathlon Level 2 Coach, Coach Level 1 Road Runners Club of America

Accomplishments: Co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Marathon Training, now at all major bookstores and Amazon.com which came out worldwide in 2012.  Coach Levine organized the City of Angels Half Marathon training group, now USA Marathon Training, for the past 12 season and ongoing.  Most of the experienced runners in that group, and under his leadership, achieve a personal record (PR) with each major race.  Levine coached a Team-In-Training triathlon group with similar results and proudly helps his Sony Tri Team. For nine seasons he was a Pace Leader with the 1,600 member LA Road Runners.  He is also married to Julie Weiss, Marathon Goddess and author of "The Miles and Trials of a Marathon Goddess, 52 Marathons in 52 Weeks"  Coach Levine is also a founding member and board member of the South Bay Runners Club (SBRC).



Barry Morrill - Board Member / Coach

Years I've Been Running:  7 years (since 2011)

Number of Marathons: 5+ and multiple half marathons

The Best Thing About LARC: Collaborating for the good of the running community, to have fun and improve

Favorite LARC Event: Track nights

My Goals and Quote: “I’m most proud of the fact that I’m able to give back to the community of the runners. When I’m out volunteering or I’m out racing with other runners, I realize what a great big family we are.”

Accomplishments: USATF and RRCA Level 2 Coach; President, LA LEGGERS; Head Mentor, LA LEGGERS; LA Marathon Support Chairman; Treasurer, South Bay Runners Club; and proud father.  Barry is most notably known for wearing his purple “Cancer Fighting Kilt” that he wears to raise awareness and bring attention to Project Purple, fighting pancreatic cancer in honor of his late father-in-law, Bill Lyons.

"Just come up and say Hi!  I’m the one in the purple kilt!"



Francisco Davis - Board Member / Web & Technology Manager

LARC Member Since: 2018

Board Member Since: 2019

Years I've Been Walking/Running: Most of my life but did not seriously begin to train for Marathon races until 2009.

Number of Marathons: I’ve completed 2 L.A. Marathons and 7 Half Marathons.

The Best Thing About LARC: The sense of community it provides for athletes to gather, meet, and exchange tips and learn different techniques to improve their performance. It’s a place where all running and walking athletes are welcomed to participate from the novice to the expert with no judgment about the level of one’s skill for run or walk. It’s also a great place to make friends, network, and become inspired to rise above to new heights in ambition.

Favorite LARC Event:   The Post Marathon Medal Run. It’s truly something to see and participate in. Especially for the new athletes that make the journey from the couch to a Marathon. The sense of pride and accomplishment exhibited by these athletes is a wondrous experience. To see the absolute joy on their faces as they take pictures with the newfound friends that they bonded with over the LA Marathon training season. No doubt it’s a special time for all and I have the privilege to relive that same feeling they have! It’s awesome!!  I enjoy hearing some great stories, too. Surely every person’s reason for doing these races are interesting and unique in every way and it so much fun to be a part of it all. I also get to see them as they grow on their journey to greatness.

My Goals for The Club: Is to bring the group forward to a higher level of excellence and help broaden the communication among its membership by keeping them up to date on the website with new and accurate information.

Favorite Running Quote: "It was being a runner that mattered, not how fast or how far I could run. The joy was in the act of running and in the journey, not in the destination." John Bingham

Fun Fact:  I love photography, collecting music, and graphic design……Oh yeah, let’s not forget running/walking!



Greta Ito – Board Member/ Membership Chair

LARC Member Since: 2018

Board Member Since: 2019

Years I’ve Been Running/Walking: Two years that I have been walking and running in a committed way. Before that, I had done some 5Ks here and there but found it a chore to stick with training on my own.

Number of Marathons: 3

Best Thing About LARC: Feeling like I have a place to be on Saturday mornings! It motivates me to get up and get training when I know that there will be a group of friendly people waiting at the Totem Pole.  I can push myself to try a more challenging course, go more miles, or improve my pace if I’m joining others. And, as a newer walker/runner, I have gained a lot of valuable tips, training suggestions, and race recommendations from chatting with other members during the group runs.

Favorite LARC Event: The Medal Run following the LA Marathon. It’s great to see everyone celebrating each other’s successes. 

My Goals for the Club: To help grow the club membership and foster more connections among members. I also look forward to supporting the club in continuing to be a welcoming place for athletes of all levels.

Favorite Running Quote: “If you have the courage to fail, then you have the courage to succeed.” – Shalane Flanagan

Fun Fact: I once served as “Postmaster for the Day” while working in a small town in southern Japan.



Avi Kushlan - Board Member, Past President

LARC Member Since: 2013
Board Member Since: 2014
Years I've Been Running:  4 years
Number of Marathons: 8

The Best Thing About LARC: Learning from and sharing experiences with fellow runners. 

Favorite LARC Event:  Saturday mornings at the totem pole and Wednesday night track

My Goals for the Club: To motivate new runners to start and experienced runners to achieve more

Favorite Running Quote: "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're probably right" -Henry Ford

Accomplishments:  USATF Level 2 Track and Field Coach; RRCA Level 1 Coach; Senior Pace Leader with LA Road Runners (LARR), Past President, LARC




Michael Sorich - Board Member / Announcer

LARC Member Since: 2006
Board Member Since: 2010

Years I've Been Running: Ran track at Moreno Valley High School 2 years, ran from 1979-89 including 3 LA Marathons, race-walked from 2003-09 including 7 LA Marathons, started running again in spring of 2009.

Number of Marathons: 20

The Best Thing About LARC: Our membership is such a great mix of people at various ability/pace levels, and we have so much fun! I appreciate the opportunity through LARC to extend my training in the clean beach air throughout the year.  I'm also the lucky guy to make the announcements at the Totem Pole on Saturday mornings with my own special brand of humor!

Favorite LARC Event: Hollywood Bowl (though I've never gone).  Okay the Muffin Run;  blueberry, please!

My Goals For The Club: To have a wider reach within the running community and see the club grow to over 300 members

Favorite Running Quotes: "The miracle isn't that I finished, the miracle is that i started at all"  and one more quote I came up with, which states my basic philosophy--"Bring your own weather"

Accomplishment: Pace Leader with LA Road Runners (LARR)



Miguel Magana – Board Member / Coach

LARC Member Since: 2019

Years I've Been Running:  23 years

Number of Marathons: 38 and 12 of them have been done once per month since 2011.  The first nine were done in an average under 3 hours. 

The Best Thing About LARC: friendships and the community of runners

Favorite LARC Event: Wednesday night track is really great and Saturdays at the Totem Pole

My Goals For the Club: I would love to share my experience and knowledge in running from 800M to Marathons.  I was on the Mexican Running team in several countries representing Mexico, and two times was a semi-finalist in the 800m in the World Master Championships in Italy and Finland.

Accomplishments: USATF Certified Coach. Pace Leader, LA Road Runners



Jasmine "Jazz" Moezzi - Coach

LARC Member Since: 2019
Years I've Been Running: 6 years
Number of Marathons: 1 but multiple triathlons

The Best Thing About LARC: The unconditional love, support,
and inspiration from this one of a kind running family

Favorite LARC Event: Wednesday night track practice

My Goals For the Club: Motivate and inspire others to keep on
running no matter what obstacles stand in their way

Favorite Running Quote: “If you don't think you were born to
run you're not only denying history. You're denying who you are.”
? Christopher McDougall, Born to Run

- 5x Ironman 70.3 Finisher
- Multiple Olympic & Sprint Triathlon Finisher
- LA Marathon 2018 Finisher
- 7x Half Marathon Finisher
- Multiple 5k & 10k Finisher

Fun Facts:
- Chronic Illness Warrior/Advocate
- Teach Zumba for KEEN LA (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now) kids with
disabilities every other Saturday
- Racing first FULL Ironman in 2020 to raise money for KEEN LA



Rose McKay - Coach/Trainer

LARC Member Since:
Official member since September 2019, been training / running with the club for three years. (I just counted the potlucks we had together on the track! LOL!)
Years I've Been Running:
My whole life. I was in ballet, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, handball and martial arts when I was younger, then water polo was the love of my life sport, which I played all through high school and college, that gave me the background for the triathlons that I do today.
Number of Marathons:
26.2 x 11, 13.1 x 19, IM 70.3 x1 (my second one is tomorrow, so this will be x2 ), ULTRA X2,
BQ X2, Olympic & Sprint Triathlons x 5
The Best Thing About LARC:
The People. The leadership, the coaches, the athletes. It is an incredibly positive and caring atmosphere that motivates us to strive to become the better, faster, healthier, stronger, kinder and more compassionate versions of ourselves.
Favorite LARC Event:
The traditional, annual potluck around the LA Marathon time... (Runners love food)
My Goals For the Club:
Being recognized globally, as one of the most wholesome, supportive, knowledgeable, dedicated, driven, passionate sports clubs in the world, with smiling faces and strong bodies, in a loving community with inspiring leaders.
Favorite Running Quote:
"Pain is temporary, glory is forever..."
Nike Training Club Championship, two time Boston qualifier, triathlete, ultra distance athlete with over 100K under the belt, and training for 100 milers.
Fun Facts:
Executive MBA student at Pepperdine
Fashion designer (as a hobby for now)
Worked full time as a fitness trainer/ instructor at the Jacksonville Naval Air Station, training the folks in the military and their families.



Alan Culver - Adviser to the Board

LARC Member Since: 2002 – Charter Member

Board Member Since: 2005

Years I've Been Running: 28 years

Number of Marathons: 41 including two Boston Marathons and 26 + half marathons + 8 10K and 20 5K

The Best Thing About LARC: Making new friends

Favorite LARC Event: Sunday morning runs at the Totem Pole

My Goals for the Club: To keep runners involved within the running community and to continue to reach new members

Favorite Running Quote: "20 miles is a long way to run...26.2 is a life-changing experience"

Accomplishments: President of LARC, July 2007 - June 2011; Senior Pace Leader with LA Road Runners (LARR)