Join the LEGGERS for Premium L.A. Marathon Support

There is no better way to run the LA Marathon than as an LA LEGGER and it's not too late to join!  Membership with the LEGGERS gets you not only the best LA Marathon support but also weekly supported training runs, a training schedule, shirt and goody bag and hundreds of new best friends to run with. 




Perhaps the best LEGGERS perk in the history of LEGGERS perks is our LA Marathon race-day support. Historically, we offer three race-day support stations (to be confiirmed by LA Marathon for 2021) that provide water, snacks and a medical kit, just like the ones our members enjoy all season during training runs. But the added race-day bonus is that you can drop off your favorite drink or snack, and we’ll have it waiting for you at the station of your choice.  The LEGGERS support stations are also the best place for family and friends to find you on the course.

In addition to on-course support, we turn the ballroom of a local hotel into our LEGGERS Hospitality Suite where our members can easily meet pre- and post-race.  In the ballroom, we have L.A. Sports Massage onsite giving free massages and Paulseth PT onsite to consult on any pains or injuries.  We also stock it with coffee and bananas and a lot of friendly LEGGER faces who will be the first to congratulate you on your accomplishment. (Pending for 2021)


Where to find our 3 on-course support stations

Look for the blue LEGGERS canopies at the following locations on the course (to be confirmed, below is historical for illustration):

  1. Station 1 – Between Mile 7.5 and 8 on Sunset Blvd. On your right, across from the 99 Cent Store, in the triangle median on the north side of the street, between Maltman and Griffith Park Blvd.
  2. Station 2 – Approximately Mile 16 on Burton Way. On your right, at Oakhurst on the grassy median.
  3. Station 3 – Approximately Mile 23 on San Vicente Blvd. On your right, at Burlingame on the grassy median.

Later in the day, as the course is opened to traffic, the Station 2 and Station 3 tents may need to be moved to the side, but they will be clearly visible as you approach. There will also be plenty of LEGGERS cheering you on and watching out for you.


How to drop off items

If you have a special drink, bar, gel, food or other items that you want to pick up at one of our stations, place the item(s) in a ziplock bag with your name and pace group clearly printed on it. Then, drop your bag into one of the large bins marked Station 1, Station 2 or Station 3. The bins will be available at the last training talk the Saturday before the race and on race day at the LEGGERS Hospitality Suite before 4:30 am. If you will not be at the Hospitality Suite by 4:30 am, please drop off your items Saturday morning.

We will drive each bin to the station in question and layout all of the items by pace group. When you arrive at the station, look for your Ziploc bag, grab it and be on your way.

Please note: due to the volume of items in each bin, we are unable to keep items iced or otherwise specially handled. If you have something that requires special handling, we recommend you recruit a friend to volunteer at the desired station to be sure your needs are met.


How to pick up items after the race

As you move through the course, you may want to lighten your load by leaving a jacket or other gear at a LEGGERS support station. Make sure you mark the item with your name and phone number.

IMPORTANT: Race-day pickup is NOT available, so don’t leave anything you will need, such as car keys, cell phones or other valuables.

You can pick up any items that you left at a LEGGERS support station on the two Saturdays following the marathon.  Pickup will take place at 1450 Ocean, between 6:30 – 9:30 a.m.

Any items that haven’t been picked up by that time will be discarded or donated to charity.