Sawtooth Masters Swim Team - Fun Meet Jan 2020
West Y Aquatic Center
5959 N Discovery Way
Boise, ID 83713
United States 
Saturday, January 18, 2020
10:00 AM To 1:00 PM
Event Information

Warm-Ups (9:00am - 9:45am):  Swimmers are encouraged to warm up prior to the meet start in open swim lanes available for general use.

Meet start: 10:00 am

Fees: $15.00 Event Fee (includes relays); non-refundable

Deadline: Wednesday, January 15th (midnight). Online entries only.  Deck entries will not be accepted.

Meet Contacts: email Jane Wright at info@sawtoothmasters.org or Scott Carrell at suznscoot@cableone.net

Eligibility:  18+ years of age - USMS registration is not required.

Rules:  This swim meet is not sanctioned pursuant to US Master Swimming (USMS) or USA procedures and guidelines.  Swim Times recorded at the meet may be used as National Qualifying Times (NQT) for USMS Age Group Nationals.  Swimmer's times cannot be considered for USMS National Records nor will the swimmer's time be reported to USMS.

Event Entries:  Swimmers may choose up to six individual events (excludes any relay participation). 

Relays: Relays will be organized at the beginning of the swim meet; dependent upon registrant’s interest and time availability.  Swimmers must be registered for at least one swim event to be elibible to participate in a relay event.

Order of Events:  

Fun Event (A) - 200 Medley Relay

#1 -   25 Freestyle

#2 - 200 Freestyle

#3 -   50 Backstroke

#4 - 100 Breaststroke

#5 -   50 Butterfly

#6 -   25 Breaststroke

Break (10-15 minutes; to catch our breath and refill the coffee!)

#7 - 100 Freestyle

#8 - 200 Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke or IM 

#9 -   50 Breaststroke

#10-100  IM

#11 - 25 Backstroke

Break  (10-15 minutes; to deploy the O2 tanks and alert the guards!)

Fun Event (B) - 200  Freestyle Relay

#12 -  500  Freestyle

#13 -    25  Butterfly

#14 -  100  Butterfly

#15 -  100  Backstroke

#16 -    50  Freestyle

Fun Event (C) - 100  Medley Relay

Fun Event (D) - 100  Free  Relay

Results:  Results will be posted at sawtoothmasters.org under the results tab.

After Meet Social: To Be Determined after the meet.

Volunteers:  Have a friend or family member that could be a timer?  No prior experience necessary.  Please invite them.  Our coaches, timers and volunteers have been having as much fun as the swimmers.


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Sorry, registration for this event is now closed.  Please contact info@sawtoothmasters.org

We hope you join us for a Sawtooth Masters event in the future.


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