Time Trial Fun Meet 3.2019
West Y Aquatic Center
5959 N Discovery Way
Boise, ID 83713
United States 
Saturday, March 16, 2019
12:00 PM
Event Information

Fun Meet - Time Trial Format

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Warm-up: 11: 30 am Meet Start: 12:00 pm

Meet Manager:  YMCA Coach

Fees: $10.00 Individual event fee; non-refundable.

Deadline: On-line entries close 12:00 noon on Friday, March 15. Online entries only.  Deck entries will not be accepted.

Eligibility:  Open to all 2019 registered United States Masters Swimming (USMS) members 18 years or older as of December 29, 2019

Rules:  This is a non-sanctioned event.  However, all swim events will be timed and 2019 USMS rules apply.

Event Entries:  Swimmers may choose up to six events.  However, Fun Meets move quickly so it is recommended that you enter fewer than 6 events inorder to swim your best.

Information:      Contact Jane Wright – Text or Phone: 208-631-4265 or


Order of Events/Seeding: The meet manager will determine the order of events and combine events (male, female, fast, slow) based on the number of swimmers signed up for the various events.  Time between heats will be extended to provide swimmers enough recovery time to swim their best.

Warm-Up:  Swimmers are encouraged to warm up prior to the noon start in open swim lanes available for general use.

Relays: Relays may be organized at the end of the swim meet; dependent upon registrant’s interest and time available.

After Meet Social: To Be Determined after the meet.

Warm-up:  11:30 AM in any open lane

Meet start:   12:00 PM

Volunteers:  Have a friend or family member that could be a timer?  No prior experience necessary.  Please invite them.  Our coaches, timers and volunteers have been having as much fun as the swimmers.


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We hope you join us for a Sawtooth Masters event in the future.


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