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Sunday, October 11, 2015
6:00 AM
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On October 1st – 11th, 2015, the founder of Footsteps For The Fallen will be running 420 plus miles solo. This endurance run is to honor all fallen Texas firefighters. It will start at the Beaumont Fire Museum, making its way to Houston Fire Memorial, Cy-Fair Fire Memorial, Brayton Fire Field Memorial, West Fire Memorial, Abbott Fire Memorial, West EMS Memorial, Bruceville-Eddy Fire, and finishing at the State Firefighter Memorial in Austin. This run has both symbolic and practical significance. Symbolically, this challenging endurance event is to honor all fallen firefighters in Texas that answered the call knowing they could be giving it all and did. Practically, it provides a way for 30-year firefighter Tony Constanzo, founder of Footsteps for the Fallen, to leverage his passion for endurance running by helping to raise funds to help support the Footsteps For The Fallen scholarship program. 

The combination of intense conditions (rain, wind, heat, cold & hills) and 8-10 hours of non-stop running per day requires unsurpassed conditioning, resolute commitment, and unyielding support. The Footsteps for the Fallen Solo Run is truly an elite event, with fewer cumulative participants than the number of people who have landed on the moon. The first eight days will be 40 mile days. Day nine will be 39 miles. Day ten will be 38 miles. The last day will be 31 miles.

Would you like to run with Tony?

There are a number of opportunities to do just that. You can signup as a solo runner, create a relay team or virtually run it. As a fundraiser for our scholarship program, we are selling 165 portions of the route for $150 each, with each section being up to 13 miles long, with a pace of a 13 to 15 minute miles. Become a fundraiser and raise $300 or more by midnight on September 29 and run with Tony for FREE! If you have any questions, please get with you.

If you are unable to join Tony in person, you can run a section of the route virtually. On the designed date, run your section, up to 13 miles. Remember that you can use a treadmill, run outside, skip, jog, walk or whatever you can do, even participate in another race!

Our fundraising goal is $250,000. Help us reach this goal, so we can help the children of our Texas First Responders.

Runners need to arrange and ensure their own transportation, to and from their section of the route. We will not be able to provide any transportation due to the very tight timeframe that must be kept.

Footsteps For The Fallen is a fully recognized 501c3 charitable organization

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