ME STRONG 2021 - 10 Years Stronger


Join us in celebrating 10 Years of ME STRONG!  In the past we have united at one place and time to run or walk the ME STRONG 5k, however the 2021 5k celebration will take place throughout the month of January.  Between January 1 - January 29th participants from near and far have the opportunity to let their spirit and creativity shine by mapping out their own 5k path to support the mission of ME STRONG.   We are encouraging participants to use this opportunity to put their own unique twist to the route they choose and the activity they choose to accomplish their 5k goal.  Walking, running, cycling, swimming, paddle boarding, rowing; we are all in this together.   To commemorate everyone's accomplishment during the month of January, January 30th will be a day to proudly wear your 2021 ME STRONG "race" shirt and inundate social media with your posts sharing what you chose to do to support the ME STRONG mission.     

Please cotact Kim Winters for more information about sponsor opportunities at