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Flossmoor’s Future is looking for contributions to help purchase cleaning supplies for the makeshift showering operations set up during the Covid19 crisis to serve our south suburban healthcare professionals.

One of the pressing needs is to provide peace of mind for our dedicated healthcare providers on the front line. They are very concerned, as you might expect, about bringing the contaminants into their own homes.  Operation Shower provides them a free place to shower, change clothes and disinfect after their shifts and before returning to their loved ones at home without putting them at undue risks.

We have set up makeshift showers and cleaning facilities at Parker Junior High in Flossmoor.

By contributing here, 100% of your contribution will go towards the purchase of supplies needed to maintain a clean and safe environment for nurses, doctors and all healthcare practitioners that care to use the completely free shower services.

Please consider absorbing the donation processing fee so that 100% of your donation goes to our cause.*


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