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WELCOME to San Jose Fit’s (aka USAFITSANJOSE) 23rd season, a choice which will change your life and ours too!

WHAT'S NEW IN 2021: As you probably suspect, there are still many uncertainties that remain around organizing large in-person groups, so we ask for your patience and flexibility.  We are still working things out as “stuff” keeps changing every day and it is complicated.  The most important to remember is at the core we are still the running/walking group you have known and love.  We will get through this together and have the best season ever!   For those new to San Jose Fit, if you register you will love us!

SAFETY #1: Join us for "in-person" training!  Many members are already vaccinated but we will still ask people to be respectful and wear a mask when in close proximity to others - not when running/walking and training if you are vaccinated.  Please carry a mask with you during training in case you need to go into a business/gas station for bathroom use, to make a purchase or near others.  

MEETING LOCATION:  Please read this carefully so you meet at the correct location.
Raymond J. Fisher Middle School Parking Lot, 19195 Fisher Avenue, Los Gatos  95032
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PLEASE NOTE: Groups meeting at Fisher Middle School parking lot; we have not been granted permission to use the Gym or restroom due to the regulations set by the school district.

Raymond J. Fisher Middle School19195 Fisher Ave, Los Gatos, CA 95032 -  Parking Lot
PLEASE NOTE: Groups meeting at Fisher Middle School parking lot; we have not been granted permission to use the Gym or restroom due to the regulations set by the school district.

1875 S Bascom Ave Suite 240, Campbell, CA 95008  
MEET IN FRONT OF Sports Basement Campbell - in front of the store.

Races we are training for: We are excited to announce we will be training for Rock and Roll San Jose Half Marathon October 3, 2021, California International Marathon December 5, 2021 and Coastal Trail Runs-Zombie Runner Quarry Lake Run offering 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon December 12, 2021.  (Target race entry fee is not included with this registration).

We start wherever you are.  Couch potato?  Seasoned marathoner?  No matter what you’re conditioning or pace, there will be others to train with. Over the course of 23 weeks, our coaches will help you achieve your personal best in a non-intimidating, fun and safe environment.  

As a member of San Jose Fit, you will receive:

•A friendly and supportive training environment where the focus is not only on healthy lifestyles, but also lifelong bonds and camaraderie.  Once a “Fitter” ALWAYS a “Fitter”.

•Experienced coaches.

•Pace groups for different fitness levels - there is a group and a training program for EVERYONE.

•Weekly schedules, yoga, track workouts, and hill running.

•Informational seminars and weekly newsletters. (Possibly Zoom, we are hoping in person)

•“No Whining” technical shirt.   San Jose Fit’s 2021 season shirts will be ordered after registration closes this season. 

•Store and race discounts.

23 weeks is not that long a time when you are amongst friends working toward a common goal.  But the even greater benefit is what happens when you conquer your own personal challenges.  Our members are fitter, happier, and mentally stronger than they’ve ever been before. Through this training, people change their lives forever.

Pace Placement run/walks will not take place this season!   The cool thing about San Jose Fit is you can change your pace group at any time-we want you to have your best experience!

Walkers - Coach Ted is asking you to just show up and not be concerned about your pace, groups will be formed depending on our member’s pace. 
This is going to be an exceptionally fun season for walkers with our new Head Coach, Coach Ted! 

Runners: For our new members - This season, pace placement run will not take place.  To get a general idea of your pace, run 3 miles at an easy conversational pace, keep track of your time, divide by 3 and add 1 - this will be your pace group to start. 

Runners: For our returning members - Please run with the group best for your current pace.

Optional Programs:

Advanced Training Program (ATP):   ATP fee of $45.00 is due on the first day of training
ATP has been a part of USA FIT for many years and continues to make advances in assisting runners with their goal of reducing their marathon time by improving their running economy, efficiency, and form. The training philosophy embodied in this program emphasizes quality and specificity over quantity.

ATP led by Coach Arnon and Coach Lara will be held on Wednesday’s 6:00-7:30 PM, August 4 - November 17, 2021, open to the first 40 registered.  
ATP fee of $45.00 is due on the first day of training
Log in closer to August for location and program details.

PLEASE NOTE - Before you register for ATP: This is a strenuous training program,  open to the experienced runner training regularly running about 30 miles per week or more and have ran a marathon in the past 6 months.

Core Program: 
Core class has been part of USA Fit San Jose for over a decade. Core strength is critically important for all of us, especially for runners and fitness walkers doing long distances.  

Core class led by Coach Fernanda will be held on Monday’s 6:00-7:00, September 13 - Novewmber 15, 2021 Sports Basement CAMPBELL open to the first 40 registered. $45.00  REGISTRATION CLOSED

Log in for additional information after August 1, 2021.

There will be no in person hard-copy registration this season.

Additionally, no refunds will be offered.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Peace on the trail,

Georgiana Boewer
Organizer, San Jose Fit aka USA Fit San Jose
and your awesome San Jose Fit Head Coaches and Pace Coaches

Keep the Rubber side down, my friends ~ Tom K.

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