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Ask anyone who has done it, there is nothing like finishing a marathon or half marathon. You'll be fit, happy, and mentally strong. And you can do it all with USA FIT Phoenix!

With everthing going on in the world today, self-care is more important than ever. Make a little time for yourself and join us to train for a half marathon, marathon or just enjoy some camaraderie while you train for the distance of your choice. 

We're so excited to get back to a more "normal" training environment this season. Phoenix Fit provides a welcoming, supportive environment. USA FIT has a 30-year track record of helping people of all ability levels live up to their mental and physical potential.

We look forward to the journey in 2021!

Mercedes - USA FIT Phoenix Organizer

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ATP Add-On
$ 50.00
Membership was expired.

Membership upgrade for those who have registered for the group and decided to also participate in the Advanced Training Program. This add-on requires a standard membership package. 

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