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Join Us for Summer 2020 USA FIT Albuquerque.

Summer USA FIT Albuquerque is a 21-week program designed to get a beginning runner ready to finish a 10K or an experienced runner ready to run a 10K or Half Marathon or Full Marathon, or just to get in shape for the season.

The program runs from May 30, 2020 until October 17, 2020. 


Summer USA FIT Albuquerque is perfect for anyone who has the desire to challenge themselves, wants to exercise, make new friends, increase their body fitness, strength and stamina, look and feel better, or simply to get involved in the healthy lifestyle sport of running. All fitness levels are welcome: from couch potato to experienced runner. 

Our beginner program slowly transitions a walker into a runner in a fun, safe and supported manner. Our 10K, half marathon and full marathon programs help our runners develop reasonable goals and then run in pace groups to learn how to pace themselves correctly and reach those goals. 


The fee includes a 2020 technical fabric program shirt (choice of short sleeve or sleeveless/tank), group workouts and coaching, individual training plans, weekly seminars, discussion board on our Facebook page, camaraderie, purchasing benefits at our local partners & sponsors, social events and more! All runners from complete beginners to experienced marathoners get lots of individual support and guidance and individual plans to reach their specific goals. 


Realizing that most people lead very busy lives, this program is structured so that it can easily fit into your schedule. The program calls for running only 4 days a week. We have a group run every Saturday morning and the schedule calls for three runs during the week done at the member’s convenience, including 2 mid-week group runs. 


DUE TO COVID-19 OUR MEETUPS AND SEMINARS WILL LOOK A LITTLE DIFFERENT IN THE BEGINNING ACCORDING TO STATE GUIDELINES. It is very important to read your emails from USA FIT Albuquerque every week for important instructions! We will meet in smaller groups at different locations and our morning may start with a video message from our organizer, coaches and possibly a short seminar from one of our sponsors.

We start at 7:00 am with a brief talk from our organizers, then meet in smaller groups for a few minutes to talk with the coaches, ask questions, make plans for the next week, etc. We then go for our scheduled group run. Due to the size of our group, all paces are represented. You will always have numerous people to run with and talk to who run your same pace, which makes the runs more enjoyable. Of course, you are free to run alone, if you choose to do so. 

During the season we will have scheduled seminars and presentations from our partners, sponsors and special guests on run and fitness related topics and products.  These dates will be on your weekly schedules and posted on our website and social sites.  These visits may include members only special sales and discounts, so be sure to attend.  Some will be at prior to your run and some will be at the end of your run.


For those who would like to talk to the coaches before registering, please email us at  We will be happy to answer any of your questions.  Or come to our first run on May 30th at 7:00, or our second run on June 6 at locations to be announced in Newsletter (sign up on our website at the bottom of the home page). Online registration is also available at 

Available Memberships
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New Member - Sum 2020
$ 100.00
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New Member Plus Extra Shirt - Sum 2020
$ 120.00
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Returning Member - Sum 2020
$ 85.00
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Returning Member Plus Extra Shirt - Sum 2020
$ 105.00
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