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Swim the USMS ePostal

Hello Swimmers:

The opening date to swim the USMS 3,000/6,000 ePostal is September 15.  This is a USMS National Championship competition, sponsored by our club, Sawtooth Masters.  SAWS will directly benefit from all USMS entrants so please swim and support our biggest fund-raising opportunity of the year!


The event is open September 15 - November 15, 2019.  Why wait? Swim it ASAP!



What is an ePostal?  An ePostal is merely a long distance swim in which your time is recorded and then submitted online to USMS.  Your time is integrated and subsequently ranked among all USMS swimmers who sign-up to compete. Register after you do the swim on the USMS website, enter your time and pay a $12 entry fee. Each swimmer must have a timer/lap counter who records the swimmer's time on the USMS Official Split Sheet  HERE.   It's easy as a swimmer only enters their time for each 500 yards, not each 50 yard split time.


What is in it for me?  It provides an opportunity to: 

  • Challenge yourself and track your time year after year
  • Compare your swim time to other swimmers across the nation 
  • Support and give back to SAWS who receives a portion of each $12 registration fee

Swim either the 3,000/6,000 (or both) and your name will be entered into a drawing for a micro fiber towel or a one-of-a-kind SAWS lawn art.  Swim both, and your name will entered into the drawing twice.  Swim all five USMS ePostal National Championships in the same year and win a USMS patch.


Where can I swim the ePostal?  The 3,000/6,000 ePostal can be swum in any 25-yard or 25-meter pool, each event swum separately.


Can I swim the ePostal during a regular practice time at the Y? Yes! Check-in with the on-deck coach and a dedicated lane will be provided for you; bring your own timer or send an email to and we will do our best to arrange for a volunteer to record your time at a day/time convenient for you. Anyone can time for you...spouse, friend, swim-buddy.


How do I estimate my finish time? USMS has three excellent tools designed to estimate your finish time.  Click HERE for Swimmer Resources/Pace Charts.


How do I train for the 3,000/6,000 ePostal?  Read articles or watch videos available on the USMS Swimming website for swimming long distance or ask an on-deck coach for assistance.  There are 118 turns in a 3,000 yard ePostal; practice your turns and streamlining. Flip turns are not required, open turns may be just as good or better for you.


What if I start and can't swim the entire 3,000/6,000?  You may stop the swim at any time, just do not enter your time online.  When swimming, you may take breaks but the break time counts as part of your total time.  Keep in mind Jill Wright's words of wisdom, "Just Keep Swimming". 


Can I swim it on Tues or Thurs during long course practice times at the Y? No, it must be swum in a 25-yard or 25-meter pool.


Can I swim it in our Clubhouse pool? Yes, you may swim it in any pool as long as it is a 25-yard or 25-meter pool,

Can I redo the swim if I'm not satisfied with my time? Yes, however, if you've already submitted your time to USMS, you will be required to pay another $12 registration fee.


Since this is a team event, we'd love to see every SAWS swimmer enter and compete in the ePostal.  Let us know how we can help!



Sawtooth Masters Board


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