State of Idaho, Secretary of State Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Association Number: U4272


Swimmers are those registered with U S Master’s Swimming and who have self-identified through United States Masters Swimming(USMS)  to be part of the Sawtooth Masters (SAWS) Club. 


Promoting the Joy of Swimming


To connect adult swimmers of all abilities through social events, coaching, education and competition

SAWS Shared Values

Social Connection - Camaraderie - Beyond the Pool - Competition Events - Quality Coaching - Community Collaboration - Education


SawtoothMasters (SAWS) is a USMS Club and an Unincorporated Nonprofit Association registered pursuant to Idaho Statutes Title 30 Chapter 27.

USMS is a national organization that provides competitions, clinics and workshops, and extensive online information for adults aged 18 and over. USMS is administered locally by 53 Local Masters Swim Committees (LMSCs) located in 9 geographic zones across the US. Prospective members and clubs join USMS through their LMSC. SAWS is one of four registered clubs within the Snake River LMSC. SAWS is in the Northwest Zone. A membership in SAWS is a membership in USMS, and allows individuals to compete in USMS sanctioned events. As an individual, you may choose to join SAWS, receive email notification of events and enjoy the camaraderie and structure of the group or you may choose to remain unattached. Unattached swimmers enjoy all of the benefits of USMS membership, except they cannot compete in USMS sanctioned competitions. 

Members can swim at the facility of their choice.  The Treasure Valley Family YMCA (the Y) supports SAWS by encouraging individual health and well-being through swimming. The Y charges a monthly fee to paticipate in coached workouts in addition to the Y membership fee.  YMCA/SAWS members can swim without paying the Y monthly fee for coached workouts in open lap lanes. SAWS in conjunction with the Y offers open water practices, competitions, swim clinics and other events that enhance team cohesiveness and challenge an athlete's status quo.  The West Y Aquatic Center features a beautiful 50-meter pool sanctioned by USMS and USAS.

The motivation and instruction a coach provides is a powerful advantage. Our workouts emphasize group interval training, which has innumerable benefits over simple lap swimming.  The friendly faces and camaraderie is an incentive to get you in the pool, avoiding skipped workouts. 

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